Religion – don’t be fooled by the title

It’s quite large. I may ramble from time to time, but I’ll try to keep it manageable. 🙂


Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, Amen.


I don’t remember not knowing that prayer. I said it every night, at my bedside, on my knees, from the time I was able to parrot those words my parents taught me, up until around 7th grade, at which point a began my phase as a hellion.


God was important in my house growing up. He was talked about quite frequently. But we didn’t really go to church. Maybe 2 or 3 times a year, and usually it was just me and my dad.


Lots, most of my friends growing up were catholic. I was baptized, as an infant, a catholic. When my friends started catechism in elementary school, some used to tell me that i would go to hell for not completing my sacraments. It never bothered me. I knew God. I talked to him every night.


God. Quite a concept. I read a book awhile back called the history of God. The author starts the book with this idea. If such a being, energy, power exists, who are we to dare and contemplate this existence and how it relates to us, and others. But assuming God exists, let us proceed. And he details the creation and history of the concept that we in the West refer to as God.


I don’t remember who said it, but people have done the most evil, vile, criminal, things to each other in the name of God and religion. History is replete with such acts, and I believe it will continue until the end of time.


Sometimes, I’m a smartass. Yesterday I was a dick. I’ll get back later on that. So smartass Ray, from time to time, finds himself listening to someone complain about something or someone. I’ll say over and over, blame God. God gave man free will. Blame God for giving us the ability to say or do as we please.


I know that’s a stupid thing to say. Honestly, if you’re around me long enough, i will say, do, act stupid from time to time. It’s part of my charm 😀


For the record I personally believe in God, and although I don’t currently attend a particular church, i think organized religion, on general is good.


So this ray is a dick thing. Before a rehearsal yesterday, I called for two of the student leaders. One came that I didn’t call, gave her totally unnecessary attitude, and called her another student’s name in a very dismissive way.


I apologized, almost immediately, but it’s like closing the barn after the animals get out. It seemed like later on we cool. Let me try and steer back to the topic.


Good people do stupid, bad things, sometimes. It’s human. We are fallible. The ways in which we fail to be loving, caring, nurturing to each other are too numerous to detail at this point.


However, that concept, love; let’s go there. I taught, and was taught, that God is love. I think that is one of the tangible ways we see God. When we love one another that is one way we can talk about God to children.


Lord that is a topic. Children. I love them so much; I refuse to have my own for fear that I would kill them. Just kidding. Oh, I have a bad sense of humor sometimes. Let me digress for a moment.


I saw a note posted on the net that may or may not have been real. It said: Dear children, i have spent the last 1 1/2 hours cleaning the house. If any of you mess it up, i will cut you. Love ❤ Mom.


I have so much more to say. I will contemplate with God now, whether to continue, or take another topic for tomorrow.

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