My Inner Child

Is Black.

Don’t laugh.

At one point in the past, I was the Black Student Union faculty advisor for a particular High School, by the choice of that club’s members.

Really, that happened. But this is not about that, per se.

Those kids saw through my coconut exterior and saw the Black child within me.

They wanted to have a holiday party. I gave them a clipboard with a sign-up sheet and a pen. It came back, kid you not, with: fried chicken, bbq ribs, collard greens, red beans, chit’lins, etc. After I finished reading the list, an obvious food choice was missing.

I asked, “Where’s the watermelon?” Girl in the back jumps up pointing at the clip board, “That’s the fruit!” she says.

Great bunch of kids. I’ll talk about them more on another day.

Another year, I was highly involved in several student clubs. However, due to circumstances within and beyond my control, I missed 4 and 1/2 months of that year.

Those kids soldiered on. Some great student leadership. We communicated through the office, and they followed through on everything.

On my birthday, they had a party for me and made me a card they all signed.

One of the messages written made me so very proud, and yet so very sad.

“Mr. Santos, one of the reasons we like you so much is because you’re just like us!”

Thank you, 13 year old girl.

So there you go. My inner child is Black, and in Junior High, and a girl.

For the record, I have been a teacher of the year finalist twice, as chosen by my peers. 🙂

I am tempted to just ramble at this point, but I do have stuff to do this evening, so any rambling should just be me rambling on my way.

I do what I do. I am who I am. Guess part my appeal as a person is I have always been that way. Growing up is tough. I’ve struggled even as an adult, as life changes, and you have to make adjustments. It never gets easier. Not to say it’s never enjoyable. I ALWAYS enjoy. No reason not to.

Go enjoy you some you! 😀

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