Hey Cool Kids, they didn’t name a Candy after you! :)


Today is going all over the place because the “topic” is words.

If you are not sitting, I suggest you find a seat. If it has a belt, and/or you see a helmet of any kind, put those on too.

I don’t think, growing up or now, most people that knew/know me would call me a nerd, dork, geek, etc., but those that know me better would definitely say those labels could apply to me.

I have always been geeky about words.


That’s a word I love because it sounds exactly like what it describes.

Question. If we shovel with a shovel, rake with a rake, hammer with a hammer, why don’t we broom with a broom, knife with a knife?

Just saying. Who makes up this stuff?

I was reading the dictionary early this morning, arguing with a co-worker about the pronunciation of “status.” Turns out she was right. Stay-tus is the number one listed pronunciation, as the word is derived from the Latin root, sta-, as in station.

It was a 20 year old dictionary, so I must go to a bookstore and check a more recent version. Things might have changed. I’ll let you know.

Reading the dictionary was a daily occurrence growing up. I still, at least once a week find reason to pick up and look through a dictionary; partly because I am a sketchy speller from time to time, as you probably have noticed 😀


That word pissed a friend off so bad; he flipped the scrabble board and went home.

Back in the day, before networks shamelessly pimped their new shows during sporting events or reality shows they are airing; little blips would announce new shows in news releases sent to newspapers. (Yes, I am old as ****. Still subscribe to the LA Times. Old Geek) A new comedy was going to air called Mork and Mindy, starring Pam Dauber (what ever happened to her?!) and a rising new zany comic Robin Williams.

Zany, wtf was that. I was, like, 10 or 11. Looked it up. Cool. New word for scrabble.

So my chance comes. Put down the four tiles. Also hit one of those double or triple the score spaces. I was feeling extra proud of myself. My friend’s, like, “what’s that?” I explained how the word came to me, and confirmed it with the dictionary. Also told him I read the dictionary every night. “You read the dictionary?!!! That’s CHEATING!!!” Board flip stomp, stomp, stomp, door slam.

Come to think of it. I don’t think his house had a single book every lying around, or a bookcase.

My house had bookcase in every room. Okay, some exceptions. The kitchen had a shelf with cookbooks. The bathrooms each had a shelf, exclusively for newspapers and magazines. We would read to each other from books, newspapers, magazines daily. Words have always been a big part of my life.

“If you go out with someone, and they take you to their place, and they don’t have books lying around; don’t **** them.” John Waters

There was a girl in high school that I unfairly avoided. We had dozens of mutual friends but I made efforts, great efforts sometimes, to not talk to her. I was very successful. She was a very pretty girl, by all accounts nice. But she was uber-popular. She was THEE most popular/pretty girl in our class. Everyone wanted to talk to her and be her friend.

If everyone is doing something, count me out.

Senior year, end of the year, I give her my yearbook to sign. (I know) She gives me a puzzled, pleased look, hands me hers. I wrote something generic, I was not expecting her to ask me to sign hers. I get mine back, and a page of the most beautiful handwriting was before me. A very thoughtful expression of how we never talked but how she wished we had, and had hoped we would have become friends. She was are of my plans for the summer and wished me well.

Ray the wordsmith, turns out, has been quite the dick.

Wasn’t the first time, was the last. Oh crap, it happened last week! A much minor incident, I believe I had it as part of my first blog.

Cupcake, pumpkin, peach, honey. Food words we apply to people, mostly women.

I do like when lady friends call me honey or sweetie. Oh, that reminds me.

Nice. Hate that word, especially when it is applied to me, sometimes preceded by the adverb “too.”

F that. The world is just too f’ing mean.


Words are labels we use to give meaning and understanding to our world and our beliefs.

What’s true?

Truth lies between what I believe, and what you believe.


I believe I could write forever. I shall not, cot, bought, taught. Damn English.

Peace out home skillets. Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.

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