“My parents caught me lying. ‘OH yeah?!,’ I said. ‘Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy!’, and walked away like a boss! – Ecards

We all do it. I am going to later; a pre-planned lie. Are those the worst? Or is lying to avoid responsibility or punishment the worst? Lying for personal gain, that’s pretty bad, especially if it is at another’s expense.

My lie is about my reason for singing to a group of people on Sunday. But does it really make it a lie if two events happen to coincide?


Junior High. Graduation Day we went to Disneyland. I got dumped by the girl I asked to go with me for some stupid thing I said or did. (Honestly don’t remember what it was.) I run into another guy that got dumped by his date too. We decide to hang out. We’re in line for the haunted mansion and start flirting with a couple of girls. Lying about our names, what school we went to, what school we were going to, where we lived. Everything. I don’t remember why, we just did.

Soon we’re on the ride and as we descend into the graveyard, one of the girls comes up to my friend and tells him to get out of the, whatever you call that thing, and go back and sit with her friend so she can sit with me.

It turned into a very pleasant day.

Come first day of High School, turned out those girls completely lied about everything too. Yes, we were all freshmen, going to a school none of us said we lived near. We LOAO.

Lies, lies, lies, yeah. They’re gonna get you.

Marriage vows. Statistically, about half of those couples are lying.

I don’t know who said it, but there’s a quote – There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

I took several research classes that involved statistical analysis. I also did research in several classes that involved data collection and analysis.

When studies come out and proclaim this that or the other, I pay no mind. So many ways the results of a study can be manipulated, or just be wrong because of faulty methodology.

Being intelligent and educated has advantages. It also has disadvantages, as in knowing how many different ways people can lie to you.

Why do so many children overlook the lies of parents regarding the mythology of holiday figures and the being that replaces lost teeth with money?

Slight digression: One Easter I wanna see a chocolate Jesus. Has that happened and I am unaware of that? Solid or hollow, preferably solid.

I was EXTREMELY disappointed the first Christmas I realized that it was my parents, not the fat guy that gave me those presents. I didn’t even get out of bed until past noon. Begrudgingly at that. No joy in seeing all that new stuff.

What a brat.

As a young child, I remember older kids telling me stories, amusing themselves with how gullible I could be. Even my dad, up to college!, liked ‘pulling my leg.’ WTH.

Making note to research the origin of that expression, “pulling my leg”. My nerdiness fascination with words and language flashes, again 😀

Religious lies. The same god could not have sent 3 separate men to say they were the definitive word of God bringer. Christian scripture has Hebrew scripture. The Koran has Christian and Hebrew scripture. What kinda leadership looks at that and says, hmm, we all have the same coach, but we’re on 3 different teams, seems legit!


“Honey, does this make my butt look big?”

If you have to ask…just saying.

Honesty isn’t always the best alternative, but it should definitely be strongly considered 😀

I am thankfully very short on things to say about lying. Because of who I am, who I was aware I was at a young age, I have generally leaned on truthfulness. Guess because I also knew I’d get the crap beaten outta me if I was caught lying 🙂

Just a thought. ‘That’s what she said’ is technically a lie.

Lying to be funny. The life of a comedian. We are amused by untrue/embellished stories.

Lying to yourself might be the worst kind of lie. Except that I like to think that false presumptions about yourself to build confidence could be okay. I AM a sexy beast!

This lies/lying is getting confusing.

I went through about a dozen different ideas to write about today between last post and the beginning of this one. I actually picked this one because of a song that popped into my head.

Lies, lies, lies. They’re gonna get you.

tccic, I’m just bombdiggity like that 😀

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