Sometimes you’re good, sometimes…not so much

I am going to be short today because I’ve got lots to do! 😀

Sometimes you gotta put the lesson plan aside and keep it real.

One year, when teaching English at a regular high school about 20 girls left that school campus and tranferred to the pregnant teen program during the course of that year. I was quite alarmed. I did some research and spent one entire day teaching each of my classes the financial cost for the first year of a baby’s life. That was it. No talk of the impact on anything else but the dollar amount of each and everything associated with having a child. It was quite eye opening to all of us.

A few days later, a girl, sophomore, gave me a letter. She thanked me for that class day spent talking about the dollar cost of having a baby. She had a boyfriend, 19, pressuring her to have a baby. She actually had been considering it. That class totally changed her mind. She had never considered what the real impact, money-wise, having a child would have.

I have not always had such shining moments as a teacher.


I am always early to work. That day was no exception. Between 6 and 7am, don’t remember the exact time, a student comes in and urges me to go online and watch what is happening in NYC. I pull up some streaming video and see Tower 1 burning. We speculate as to what could flown into the building to have caused that fire.

Students start streaming into the classroom and soon it’s full. The predominant feeling is that this was some kind of attack, and questions from students to me are do I think they will hit the second Tower. Not a chance I tell them. The United States military is the best in the world. I speculated that we couldn’t see that the sky was filled with fighter jets. Nothing is gonna get close to damaging Tower 2.


As both towers burn. Now the questions are of them possibly collasping. Not a chance, I say. American engineering is the best in the world. Those Towers will…

Down goes Tower 1. You know history.

One of the worst days of my life as a teacher was about to get worse.

To be continued…

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