My mother was speaking this morning about one of my cousins, one of her nieces. She was talking about my cousin’s devotion to her husband, and her children’s devoation to their father as he faces the probably of a shorter life, due to illness. My mother was saying that my cousin’s family is able to be positive and sacrifice when necessary because of, because of…

That she struggled to find the word speaks to a side of her I will hopefully never comment on. Never say never.


It can unite us. It can also divide us in the most terrible and inhumane ways. I will keep things on the positive today. Ironic that so many words and concepts have a positive and negative impact. Slip, to fall and an undergarment…(Ray geeking out on words again)



I am guilty of boundless unshameful faith in others and myself. Does that lead to disappointment in others and myself sometimes? Damn straight 🙂 Does it shake my faith for either? Never. There is always another moment or situation for others or myself to shine, to be a light to others.

I was thinking just now about religion, again. I think “religious” people get too caught up in the mechanics of their particular set of beliefs and forget the essence of what their faith really means. That standing and sitting at the right times, that saying certain words with other people in a certain building is somehow or another making the world better.

Seriously? Yeah, well, some people anyways.

Focusing back on the positive.

The beauty of working with young people is the faith, trust, and belief they have in the adults that surround them. They haven’t become jaded about the world. All the possibilities, all the options about what their life will be, for the most part, remain open. You can see it in their eyes. I truly appreciate every moment at work. It is a blessing to serve youth.

What happens to people that causes them to lose faith, either in themself or in others? Well, many things. Sometimes it starts in childhood. We all know more stories than we care to recall about terrible things that happen to children, infants even, and some that don’t even survive those situations. On the positive side, sometimes, not always, people that caused that evil are held accountable. You can’t give up faith because someone else wants to make the world seem like something it is not.

The world is not evil. People are, and those people will meet the karma they make.

“The love that you make is equal to the love you take.” Same goes for crappy, bad, evil people. I do believe that in the end, more often then not, people get what they deserve.

I must admit, I am somewhat hypocritical when it comes to me, and how the world reflects back to me what I give it. I am always of the belief that I can be better, I can do better. At times, I feel I am a complete failure, yet I get thanks and praise at those same moments.

I know me. Sometimes people regard my efforts as above and beyond the call of duty for a moment. My standards are not based on others expectations.

Damn, really wandered off …

My faith in myself is such that I believe, given an opportunity to max a moment, I can do that. When I don’t, it doesn’t decrease my believe that I have that ability, but it makes me angry for a moment.

Speaking of faith and anger. That I always have faith in others to do their best 24/7 will sometimes cause me a moment, or moments of anger and/or disappointment when others are not their best. I get over it quickly. Life is too short. Plus always another moment around the corner to make something good happen, or to see others shine in their moment.

I guess that’s what I like most about myself. I never get down, never complain. Some final thoughts on the thoughts that consistently travel across my brain everyday: figure it out, I will deal with it very effectively thank you very much!, why are you such a dork! (and then smile at myself), make it happen, get 5#!7 done, be positive – smile – say amen.


I don’t know why my drive for intangible things is so strong. Maybe I am just one of nature’s/God’s reaction to so many people and things that driven by things/stuff.

I think I’ve seen a bumper sticker out there that says “Whoever dies with the most stuff wins” Really?

Maybe I’ll print up a bunch of bumper stickers that say this: “Whoever dies with the most stuff wins” “Whoever surrounds themself with the most good people wins!”


Although that doesn’t sound quite right either. Good people should be distributed evenly and not be in piles. I dunno. I’ll think about this one a little later.

Faith. I strongly believe that the more we help and support young people, in the end, that makes the world a better place for all of us.

In a capitalist society, like the one we live in, children have no value. They are takers of resources. That’s why club soccer and pee-wee football teams get to use the athletic fields and not the band. Those clubs pay money to use the fields. Who cares about the band kids?

I do 😀

Bless all you parents. You are your child’s lifelong teacher. Bless all teachers, coaches, and leaders of youth. You are making the world a better place. Bless all vets for protecting us and allowing us the freedom to have Faith.


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