God doesn’t let stupid ruin His Plan

Cribs are meant to be climbed out of. My desire for freedom knows no bounds, even from the earliest age. So after lifting me up the side, gravity took effect. Big head, little body went crashing to the ground. I had dreams for years of falling, but never landing. That day, I definitely landed.


I loved to chew on Ivory soap. Not eat, just chew on it. Its 99% pure, whatever that means. The big people would try and keep it from me. Not a problem. I’d crawl up the toilet, across the water tank, cross over to the sink. Open cabinet. Bingo! They had other places they would keep it too. Not a problem. Cabinet shelves and drawers were merely steps to getting what had to be got. Falls occurred, on occasion. Not a deterrent. So what if some spots on my head don’t grow hair.


The riverbed across the street after a good rain was great fun. The first time we took “rafts” and rode it was the best. We had explored a lot of the riverbed, but that first time down in rafts, we went to section we had never been. Turns out there were mini falls, although when your mini, those falls, at the time, not so mini. It wouldn’t have been so bad except for all the rocks at the bottom of the falls.


When the farmer would let the field behind my house go fallow, the big kids would cut “bricks” out of the dirt and stack them into two “forts.” A bunch of kids would pile on one side, a bunch of kids on the other. One rule, no aiming at the head. We’d hurl dirt clods at each other, and inevitably, someone would get hit in the head or face. If they could shake it off, game back on. Eventually someone would catch a dirt clod in the eye. Game usually ended at that point.


A huge hill around the corner from my house had a street where we would leave more pieces of our skin, and a little blood. We’d ride our bikes side saddle down the hill. Just before crashing our bikes into the hedges at the bottom of the hill, we’d jump off and try to reach the grass across the sidewalk that was next to the street. I said try. Sometimes you made it, sometimes you didn’t.


A friend had a moped. He’d let me ride it from time to time. On a particular day I decided to see just how fast it could go. With him seated behind me we reached 30 mph. As we approached a turn, I squeezed the brakes. Nothing. I turned and said, hey, the brakes don’t work. He said, yeah, they went out this morning, forgot to tell you. As I cut across into the opposing lane to navigate the curve a car came around that corner. Turning hard to get back to my side of the road, the front wheel got caught in a huge pothole. As we sailed over the handle bars, I felt him grab my shoulder. He landed on top of me. It was summer after 6th grade; I’m wearing shorts and a tank top. Road rashed from shoulders to ankles. Him, not a scratch. Eh


I don’t think we were a reckless or dangerous bunch of kids. We were just kids.


Objectively speaking, all that was nothing compared to what was to come.


That I am still of this earth is a sign that God doesn’t let stupid ruin His plan 😀

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2 Responses to God doesn’t let stupid ruin His Plan

  1. Tyler Burr says:

    You tend to inspire me. Write on, Ray. Im listenting.

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