Girls are Better than Boys

…and Women are better than Men.

It amuses me that this is not obvious to most men, and I do believe there are a small, small percentage of women that don’t believe this to be true either.

Crazy world we live in.

I can see back in caveman times how women were dependent on men, in most cases, to provide food, but ever since I don’t understand how men have continued, and many are still trying to continue, to dominate women in so many ways.

It’s a rather alarming fact. Republican Platform 2012 D:

I’m not sure if I would have the opinion of female superiority to males had I not been raised in my particular family. All the female members of my family are exceptional.

Both my grandmothers were ass kickers, and I mean that in the most positive of terms. My mom is an ass kicker, all my aunts are ass kickers, all my females cousins are ass kickers. One of my sisters is an ass kicker, the other, may or may not ever get another mention.

I have some exceptional male relatives, and my father was quite a man. That is beside the point.

Girls are better than boys.

For years, “scientific” evidence of male superiority was based on the fact that in general, men have larger brains than women. Brain research from what I am going to guess goes back at least 20 years has indicated that while the formally stated fact may be true, women’s brains have far more complex ways in which they process information.

In short, women are smarter than men.

Whether or not you agree with their politics or personalities, arguably, some of our greatest presidents and their first ladies were incredible teams. By many historical accounts Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton were heavily influenced in their thinking and decision making as president by their wives. Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, and Hillary Clinton are, and will continue to be, people of influence for generations to come.

I will bring it down a couple of notches now 🙂

Girls, in general, are nicer than boys. Hold on, I know what many of you are thinking and may have even uttered out loud how incorrect I am on that point. Believe me, I know. The worst fights I have ever broken up were girl fights. The hardest I’ve ever been hit was breaking up a girl fight. I get it; girls can, are, and will be vicious, at times. That was my qualifier; in general, girls are nicer than boys.

Okay, I have to say it. Boys are just stupid, sometimes. Ignorance is no defense. Boys just don’t know, you know, a lot. They’re boys, comes with the territory.

Girls just know, they do, and even when they don’t, they do 🙂

That’s what makes girls nicer. They are more aware. They make their environments more pleasant with their perceptions and their responses to it. (Last time I will say this, I am speaking in generalities) I don’t know if it is because of all the issues that girls have to deal with growing up, that they get this emotional maturation leg up on boys, and the whole physical maturation leg up girls have on boys until the end of high school. Those are probably major factors in girls’ faster development as people.

Oh my god. I just had an epiphany!

Money 😦

Men make more money, in general, than women.

That makes me so sad. How many people with lots of money think they are better than other people? A lot, I bet. How many people without a lot of money think people with money are better than them? A lot, I bet.

I so hate the multiple exterior factors people use in judging themselves and in judging others.

I am so angry right now.

Okay, I got over it.

Girls are, have been, and always will be better than boys.

Of all the smart married men I know, their woman runs the house and family. Oh my goodness. I have such a great story regarding that 😀

Go figure *wink*

I will tell that one later. A most amusing tale, I have so many!

Girls bake stuff. When was the last time a guy showed up to work with a tray full of cupcakes he baked from the night before?

Who reminds the hubby of all the family member birthdays, anniversaries, etc.?

Who has a GPS device as an internal organ, able to find any lost object in the house?

(I was just thinking. In the past I have been called Mom by students, as a slip of the tongue, at least a dozen times. I like the reason I think why that happened. I have never been called Dad.)

I need a geeky “words” moment

Mother Nature, Mother Earth

Father Time

2 to 1 Women Win!

I don’t know much about Greek and Roman mythology, or everyday life for those ancient cultures, but I do know both had female Gods that were epic!

Girls are better than boys

Even though more and more women are being elected to higher and higher political offices, the reason I think there are not more women in politics…

Women are smarter than men.

It’s the same with rock and roll. I would know 🙂 😦

You have to sell a bit of your soul to the devil to do well with either.

I have a dear friend who had an experience I want to write about, and it goes along the lines of why women are better than men, but will wait for another day.

Hope you enjoyed and please share with your friends!

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