Selfish – Sometimes, it’s all about Me!

The other day a student gave me a side ways compliment, that was how I interpretted it anyways šŸ™‚ I told him, a high school senior, that my first teaching job was with kindergarteners. He said he could imagine that. I smiled. He also told me that he felt my dedication to the group he is a part of, and the one that I am working with is greater than most of the other students in that group. I told him it is my hope that adults that work with young people should be more dedicated than the students, because we know, or should know how to approach a task.

Get stuff done and get it done right.

Funny the different expectations and perceptions we have of ourselves and of each other šŸ™‚

This same student was also telling me about some smack talking another student was telling him about another student.The alleged smack talking student is another one I work with, same group. I have and still do have a lot of respect for him. (As an aside, I respect all my students, even the ones that fall short of my expectations. It’s their life.)

This is my spin on the alleged smack talking and why I don’t hold it against the student. Guys, when hanging out with guys, will at times get into the smack talk. The object of the comments is a girl; go figure. She’s also a member of the group I am talking about here. She’s a good kid, maybe not one of the best, but not because of a lack of effort. My guess is, too be “cool”, some comments were made that were out of character. When guys are hanging with guys, a lot of stupid flys around. I know. I’m a guy.

Unfortunately, it happens with adult men too, sometimes. *sigh* Thankfully it’s to a much less degree than boys.

Did I mention girls are better than boys šŸ™‚ Okay, I know. I speak in generalities, forgive my bias.

I was talking a few days ago with a parent who 4 of his children were students of mine, last one being 7 years ago. I’ve know this man 11 years. He’s a volunteer in an organization I work for. We don’t directly work together. On ocassion, over the years I supervise or direct a group of parents to do some task or another. He periodically finds it necessary to compliment me on the work I do and the impact it has on others.

Get stuff done and get it done right.

I just remembered his eldest son bought me lunch one day. It was late in the year and there had been a cleaning of the administrative house in this organization. (They weren’t getting it done) Soon after, there was a cleaning out of the instructional staff. I was one of the few staff members that remained. The culture change was dramatic and definately impacted the students in a positive way. The purpose of him buying me lunch was for him and his friends to thank me for helping them make the transition from one regime to the next.

*will work for food* šŸ˜€

I have very few regrets in my life. I told others at different times that I have none, but I do. One regret is that I wish I had been more thankful, at the time, to those teachers that helped me become the person I am now. I know I’ve disappointed some of my teachers, for not reaching the performance level, in the classroom, they felt I was capable of.

Just for the record, as a performer outside of academic situations, there is only one level for me šŸ™‚ Just saying.

One teacher even wrote me a letter explicitly detailing her disappointment. It was my senior English teacher. We each had a very involved project to do. I did it, but then we were to do a 15 to 20 minute presentation of it to the class. I didn’t.I don’t remember the project. I don’t remember exactly why I refused to do the presentation. It wasn’t because I was shy. I was quite the jerk from time to time as a young person, and still am from time to time. This moment in life being one of those times. I know she was very excited about my topic and even helped me with some of the research. I remember now. It was on Bach. Anyways, I remember the reason why I didn’t do my presentation. This may seem out of character to some of you, but I can be quite selfish at times. I did what I did. I was proud of it, but didn’t see the need to share.

Speaking of…There is a friend I have. At one point, she has been a very good friend. How much longer she is going to be my friend, I don’t know. She’s made the comment to me in the past about the fact that I never ask her out or to do things together. I’ve known her about 10 years now. There’s a bunch of reasons for that. In the beginning I did initiate a lot, which may be why she decided I would be a good person to get to know and do things with.

Seeing as how I really bounced around with the topics today I am going to stop here. Just randomness here.Thanks for reading. Share with friends. Ha!, says the selfish jerk šŸ˜€

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