Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Relligion. Thatt topic again πŸ™‚

A lot of stuff going on in the Middle East, again. It actually never stops. Among other classes I took in college was a history class in which we studied all the world’s major religions. I actually considered, for a few days, becoming a Muslin. It is, after, the last of the monotheistic religions. The Koran contains Jewish scripture, Christian scripture and consider Abraham, Moses, and Jesus as Prophets. And Muhammad, like Jesus, didn’t intend for a new religion to be created around his teachings. They both just wanted people to live right and treat each other well.

Jesus was a rabbi. A simple and frequently over looked fact. Muhammad was a Christian teaching the words of Jesus, according to what the men of that time said were Jesus’ words.

The Jewish people, in the time of Jesus had been run off the land they claim they were given by God twice. The Romans controlled the land as part of their empire. The Jewish leaders, in an effort to maintain their religion and whatever control the Roman rulers allowed them, made some compromises. Jesus was rocking the boat, which lead to his death.

There was quite a rift between Jews and Christians for a long time. There still is among some.

How Christianity came to be is a creation of man, not of God.

Its first incarnation, Catholism, created the first bible. Men gathered and decided which Gospels of the disciples and which oral traditions would be the official word of God. Men created the bible not God. All the early teachings of Christianty, like most religions were taught orally. Eventually people got around to writing stuff down.

Let me stop a moment. I’ve said before I believe organized religion, in general, is a good thing. Whatever helps people live right and do well to and for others is a good thing.

The bible has many versions now. How many, I really don’t know. I have one, a copy of the Koran, a Book of Moron, and a collection of Buddist teachings.

I must admit I am ignorant to the specific teachings of the different Christian denominations regarding Jesus and Mary. I do know Joseph does not get near enough credit. I have quite the scandalous personal view about who Mary really was. If you know of the paegan god Ishtar, it follows in that line.

Catholics believe Jesus is the Son of God, not just a savior, and he was born from a virgin, Mary, who became impregnated by the Holy Spirit. I understand why other Christians split from the Church. That is quite a bit to swallow.

Jesus was by any objective account an extraordinary man who lead an extraordinary life. For those of you that may not know the entire life of Jesus is not documented in the bible. His birth and pre-adolescence are and from the age of 33 until his death is. In between there’s a gap.

My guess is in between, Jesus was a guy and did guy things. Call my opinion what you will.

Its funny to me that some Catholics do not consider themselves Christians. Its funnier to me that some Christians do not understand that the premise of Catholism is to be a disciple of Christ.

Perceptions, bias’, prejudices all the ways people seek to separate ourselves from each other. The exact opposite of what Jesus taught.

I am not a religious person. I follow Christian philosophy because of the family and society I was born into. Had I been born in another country where the dominant religion is something else, I would probably believe something else.

I may or may not have said before, the Truth is somewhere between what I believe and what you believe πŸ™‚

I would never for moment believe I know or understand all. The world is always in flux. The Truth changes and evolves. Yes there are some fundamental concepts that are universally true.


That’s a topic for another day πŸ˜€


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