When I was 19 I was attending a community college that was about 3 miles away, up a hill. I walked to school and usually jogged home everyday. I noticed a full sized Hot Wheel passed me every other day I went to school. It was a late 70’s Dodge Charger, electric blue with a fat white racing stripe down the middle. After the first couple of weeks of the new semester it would fly by and started honking as it flew by. I could never see the driver because of the speed the car traveled at. One day it honked and when I stopped to look, I was quite pleasantly surprised. It was parked by the curb with a familiar face behind the wheel.

Among other classes I had that semester was an English class. I did the same thing in every class in the beginning. I would sit in different seats the first few meetings and observe the class as the teacher lectured. When I found a group of the better students in that class, I would always sit by them the rest of the semester.

If we had to have small group discussion, group projects, or if I had to maybe miss a class and borrow notes I wanted to be near people that did stuff right.

One of the people in that English class was a woman, 30 with two kids, very nice. Her father was of French descent and her mother was from the Souix. Picture a tanned Audrey Hepburn. We had become friendly and would walk and talk after class. She started offering me rides and I would always politely refuse.

I really liked the exercise of jogging home after class, seriously, I worked out quite a bit back in the day. Many times I used to go to the weight room or run the track between classes.

Now she has her car parked on the side of the rode. I walk back a few steps and approached the passenger side, the window is down. I mention about how great I think her car is and that I didn’t until that moment know it was her I had been seeing because she drove it like she stole it πŸ™‚

She again offers a ride. I politely refuse again. It was just an early example of me liking me time over anyone or anything.

A week or two later on a particularly hot day I accepted the ride she had now been consistently offering. She never drove me home πŸ˜€ I lived only 4 streets away from her and would walk home after sharing her company. The new routine became leaving school and going to her house after class to kick it.

Our class ended just before 1pm and being so close we’d get to her place by 1. I don’t remember why I was concerned in the beginning but I didn’t want her 13 year old daughter to come home and find her mom alone with me, we weren’t doing anything other than talking. However one day I was enjoying the conversation so much I stopped paying attention to the time and her eldest daughter came through the door. That turned out to be a good thing.

I think I was already aware that her 13 year old had recently snuck out at night and met a boy who had been a classmate of mine! I told that little girl that while he might seem nice, he was really a super creep and she should not see him anymore, and stop sneaking out. I think about two or three weeks passed and 4 or 6 conversations with this girl before she stopped both. The sneaking out stopped right away. I think it had been just that one time. The other took some working. She was a good kid and we talked about everything he said and did, and was able to give 19 guy perspective about why would a 19 guy say or do those things to a 13 year old girl. It probably would have ended anyway, she was a smart kid.

Again, don’t know why but I didn’t want to meet the 10 year old daughter, so I’d leave before 3:30. Another 2 or 3 weeks pass and I again having good conversation with the mom and her oldest daughter, loose track of time, and I end up meeting the younger daughter. This lady was doing a great job raising these girls as they were 2 outstanding young ladies. I was really enjoying the company of all 3 of them πŸ˜€

We all got so comfortable with each other sometimes I stayed through dinner, sometimes I went home and came back for dinner, sometimes I would go home and call her later in the evening.

I didn’t think about this until now but I was probably the topic of some conversation amongst the three of them, or with one daughter or the other. I recognized at the time she had very open communication with her daughters. When I called the house phone, old school back in the day land line, they would tease Mom and say her boyfriend was calling.

I really should have a had a clue.

One night after dinner we were alone. The girls were with friends. Mom and I were on the couch. She talked me into giving her a neck and shoulders a massage. I didn’t think anything of it and did. After a few minutes she decided it would be good idea to lean back into me. So here was: couch, me, her. I was trying to process the moment and not do anything right away. First though, I had to control my breathing as my heart was pounding. So glad I’ve always been cool under intense moments. Fortunately my calmness and smart decision making the next moment was a little less awkward. I said a little! πŸ˜€

He walked in

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  1. Camille says:

    Wow! Good stuff….what happened next;)

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