He walked through the door

Turns out she was married.

Who knew? Well I am sure she did. Also sure the kids knew.

Was anyone going to tell me?

Wasn’t the first, nor the last time I was the other guy.

As a freshman in high school I had a girlfriend who was a sophomore. She had a job and drove her own car. We were together until the beginning of her senior year. I thought she should have a real boyfriend since for the last two years she drove and paid for everything. I did make her presents and wrote her letters every day. But I thought for her senior year, it’d be nice for her to have some guy pick her up and pay for stuff. She agreed, but only if she could still see me when possible.

She starts going with this huge senior football player. Everything was cool until her sister got mad at her about something and told her boyfriend about me.

One day out of the blue my mom tells me there’s a friend for me at the door. There was a hallway from the front door to the rest of the house. I look down the hallway and think, oh crap! It’s him. He looks pissed and a bunch of his friends are sitting in a car by the curb.

I don’t remember the conversation. I remember talking really fast and being super nervous and not looking forward to getting the crap beaten out of me in my own front yard. As a junior, I was maybe 140, medium size shirt at best, and a 32 waist. This guy was definitely a football player with almost 100 lbs more over me and at least 6 inches taller.

After a while he seems to relax and we start having an almost normal conversation. It finally ends when he tells me his original intent was to just kick my ass when I got to the door. After listening to me and talking to me he decided that I was a cool guy, but to stay away from his girlfriend. I agreed.

I lied.

His girlfriend, my ex, was quite striking. About 6’, and looked nothing like a girl. When she wanted my attention, she got it 🙂

Isn’t the lady always right? 😀

He caught us at school sitting in her car in the parking lot a couple of weeks later. He broke up with her. The rest I will tell another time.

Back to the couch.

He called her to the kitchen and a rather quiet conversation followed. After a few minutes, he left. I believe we sat in awkward silence for several minutes before I excused myself.

Don’t families put up family pictures? There were pictures of her parents, pictures of her and the kids…

No pictures or talk of a dad. Wth!

Turns out he wasn’t the girls, Nikki and Christine’s, biological father. Our next few conversations over the phone were about her whole story, her first marriage how that went and ended, her second marriage – one of pragmatic mutual benefit, and finally about us.

I stopped hanging out at her house after class. I did miss the kids. I did miss her. We were really enjoying each other’s company.

but when she wanted my attention, she got it. The lady is always right 🙂

After a few more weeks the semester ended. I left on the 3rd of what would ultimately be 5 summer cross country tours and returned home.

She was gone. The whole “family” was gone. Neighbors said early in the summer they moved.

Never saw or heard from her again.

The last time I was the other guy was an amazing feat, but one I shall not detail at this point. It involved three girls who in the end ultimately remained friends. When I was young, I did a lot of stupid things.

But damn, they make for some of the best stories!

The post, “Choices,” explains how things got to this point. There is a link in the bottom left hand side of this post 😀

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