A distinct concept, a thought pattern.

We are surrounded by them. We have our own.

I remember a California History class I took in college. Most of the people in that class I had been in other classes with. We were a very good group of students. Every paper we wrote in that class was to be based on the 2 or 3 books we had read to that point, so we thought.

After our first paper was returned, we compared grades. C’s across the board, except one person, they got an A. Worse was they admitted having not done any of the readings. Their paper was based entirely on direct quotations from the lectures.

Really?! You, professor guy, want to read your words in our papers?!

Alright, we played the game.

Paradigms. Big and small.

A friend asked me if I had heard the news about a recent event. I told them no. They proceeded to tell me about the event. I told them that wasn’t news. The paradigms that affected the event have existed for centuries. The same event has happened over and over, just the people and the dates change.

The more things change, the more they stay the same πŸ™‚

Habits of the mind. I know some people are really busy living their life and don’t have time to contemplate what they think and why they think that.

Which reminds me. I’ve been reading about the Jewish prophets and their contemporaries, and the thoughts and ideas that existed before them.

The paradigms that existed in their times and where they lived very much influenced their writings. Even then other people revised those writings to fit the paradigms of their lives.

Paradigms. What do you believe? Why do you believe that?

Something that struck me as very interesting is that all the early prophets that I have read about so far, lived solitary lives and they were all reluctant prophets. They didn’t want to spread the Word. One of the reasons for their solitary lives was they were always telling people things they didn’t want to hear.

I would have been a good prophet πŸ™‚ Maybe I am πŸ˜€

I participated in activity where finding alone time can be very diffiicult and sometimes impossible for days. One of those stretcches occured. Finally we were going to be in one place for more than 20 hours. I made my space in the gym and headed out to the street and walked for about 15-20 minutes away from the school. I sat down in a shopping center parking lot. About 5 minutes later 2 rookies come through some hedges I had just passed through. They approached me and sat down on either side. They saw me leave and followed me. They wanted to talk and ask me questions. I remember being annoyed as they totally defeated the purpose of my walk. But I covered it as they were genuinely interested in listening to me and what I had to say.

I wish I had written down their questions and my answers. I’ve had students in the past repeat to me words I’ve said to them. I will admit,, I have some good stuff to say from time to time πŸ˜€

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