Marriage – Love

I was remembering an event that happened about 5 years ago. My best friend’s, at the time, father-in-law (George) went to buy a Corvette.  He had already shopped around and was simply going to sign the paperwork and drive it home. My friend and I followed him to the dealer in my friend’s car. Once we got to the dealer, we looked around a little as the paperwork was getting processed.

When it was time to leave, George told me to get in the passenger seat of the ‘vette, and ride home with him. I did. Soon after leaving the dealer we were in an industrial area. It was a Saturday or Sunday and the streets were deserted. George turned to me, a wink in his smile and told me to hold on. He punched the gas and my head and upper body slammed back against the seat. After I became accustomed to the force, I leaned forward and looked in the rearview mirror. My friend and his car were a dot

I don’t remember how much it had been discussed, but George’s wife had already told him not to buy the car.

Let me just say this. The guy makes well into the 6 figures and he had recently purchased her a very nice high end sedan for just her use. The guy wanted a toy, and could well afford it.

We pull into his drive way and the little woman is outside gardening. The look she gave him was timeless. It was as if she were the mother and he was a little boy who left the house wearing his Sunday’s best and came home with torn, dirty, dripping wet rags.

In an attempt to diffuse the moment I looked into the open garage and said, NICE CAR!

Daggers soon eviscerated my soul. No saving George on this one.

He drove it around a few months and traded it in for a heavy duty truck.

All was well again 🙂

So, what is the meaning of life? Is it to work hard, make a good life for your family, splurge once and get treated like a little boy? Is it to marry, build a solid household, and then make a man feel silly for a passing interest?

I don’t know. I have never been married. Shudder to think what kind of women would look at me and think, mmm hmm, gotta get me some of that.

Oh, reminds me! 😀

I worked with a married couple many years ago. They were going through a tough stretch that ultimately ended in a divorce. That was the first time I uttered that phrase. It was after work and raining. The female part of the couple and I were sitting in the lounge, hoping for the rain to lighten a little before we began our commute. Outside the male part of the couple was standing in the parking lot, talking to other co-workers about to depart. She was watching him and had this long, far away stare in her eyes.

At that point I asked, hey when was it that you looked at that guy and said, mmm hmm, gotta get me some of that. She couldn’t remember was her reply.

Most of the married couples I know are happily married. I was talking with a friend recently and she’s of the opinion that one of my friends is still very much in love with his wife, but she’s not so much, maybe.

I get that. That wouldn’t work for me. I was in a relationship where at one point, I was very much in love, but then things changed, me mostly. I knew she still loved me and things would have “worked” but my love would not have been there.

Yes, I am very much an idealistic, hopeless romantic. I am shameless about that. But at this point of my life, I am deathly afraid of love, of loving someone with all my being.

I am a lot of being 🙂

I love what I do. I love who I am. I love my view of the world. I am not entirely comfortable with how the world views me, but I’m working on that 😀

I love that every day, it’s another chance for me to be better.


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