Funny the different ways we show fondness for each other. And nothing is a more intimate display of affection than a kiss. I don’t know enough about other cultures to know why it is not only acceptable for men to kiss men, but it is an expected greeting in certain situations.

I’ve kissed very few men. My father, and when I was very young, adult male relatives.

I had a gay friend ask me many years ago if I was “curious.” I did give it some consideration, but ultimately passed that opportunity.

My first kiss was an unsettling event. I was about 5 playing hide and seek with the kids across the street. I was “it” and looking for someone to tag. Instead I got tagged. It happened along the side of the house. As I stood there wondering which way to go, a girl, 5 also, pops out of a box and kisses me, then goes back inside the box. I stood there a moment, rather confused, and then decided it was time for me to go home.

I did like girls at an early age. About the same time there was a TV show, Room 222 starring an actress named Karen Valentine. One time her face was on the screen so long I got up and kissed the screen. I heard a giggle behind me and turned around, caught in the act by Mom. Looking back that must have been a reassuring moment for her 🙂

In second grade one recess a girl chased me around and finally horse-collar tackled me. As I fell I rolled onto my back. She pounced on top of me, stared for a moment, then gave me a peck. I was more embarrassed by the tackle than the kiss.

My first junior high kiss didn’t come until 8th grade. A girl maneuvered me into a corner at one of the school sponsored skate parties at a local rink.

I’ve rarely been the initiator with displays of affection.

My first high school kiss was spectacular. I was hanging out after school, freshman year, talking with a sophomore girl. After however many minutes of conversation she asks me to walk her home. I decline. After some negotiating I agree to walk her across the fields to the back gate of the school. As we approach the gate she quite skillfully pushes my back against the fence and nails me to it.

I never thanked her. Maybe I should send her this blog link 🙂

In college on a band trip I was getting on the bus as a girl was getting off. She stopped me gave me a random quick kiss and continued. I was inspired. As the next girl approached me I stopped her and gave her a random quick kiss. She smiled and continued.

My first grownup kiss was in a bookstore. I love that fact. It was about 2 years after college on a first date.

I’m sure men and women view kissing slightly differently. I have a friend who very recently was shamelessly flirting with a man, not her boyfriend, in public around other friends. She had a genuine attraction to this guy. I tried to encourage her to push it further, because I’m a bad friend, but she sensibly put it behind her.

Men will never truly reach the emotional complexity that woman have.

I think that is the reason why I love women so much. They know and understand the world on such a different level.

I saw something this morning that made me pause and think. It said too bad Mother Nature couldn’t just send young women a text once a month saying, congratulations, you’re not pregnant.

Guys live much easier less painful lives than women.

If you’re a woman I hope you have people around you that understand and appreciate how special you are. If you’re a guy, please show appreciation for the women in your life, every day.

 Hope you enjoyed your day. I will see you all tomorrow. Share with your friends! 😀

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