Kids on a bus

I’m riding a bus today with a bunch of kids. I can’t even begin to count how many times that has happened. Okay, I am going to try 🙂

Somewhere between 500 to 700 times 😀

On one cross country trip, thankfully I’m only going to Riverside today, a girl told me she needed to use a restroom. I checked, we were on I40 (route 66) between Albuquerque and OKC. Where we were at, no civilization for 3 hours in any direction. I engaged her in conversation hoping to distract her.

Soon she’s gabbing away, 17 year old girl, go figure. Soon I realized this girl had an undiagnosed mild but significant personality disorder. As we get close to a rest stop I know are conversation will soon come to an end. To test my opinion I throw this out there. I tell her, you know you could kill someone and get away with it.

Let me describe this girl to you. Petite frame, 5’4″ ish, long blond hair, green eyes, face very easy on the eye. Articulate, poised, a poster child for All-American girl.

Her response to my statement at first is a blank stare. It quickly turns into a studying, thoughntful face as she ponders a verbal response. After several moments she says something that mildly freaked me out. How, is what she said with a narrowing of her eyes.

Bingo! I was right. I told her response was exactly my point. She didn’t freak out to my statement about killing someone and getting away with it. Her expression never changed. She said nothing dismissive about the statement. She simply wanted to know how


Thankfully no one on the bus I am on today is that type of person, I think 🙂

On one of my tours as a member we had a particularly bad bus driver. Among other things he frequently left the emergency brake on. Finally towards the end of the tour he left so long the bus actually caught fire. He pulled to side of the freeway and the inside quickly filled with smoke. We grabbed essentials and rather calmly exited the bus, other cursing and swearing at the bus driver.

We stood away from the bus and watched it burn a few minutes when suddenly one guy iin our group ran back on the bus. His seat was in the back, where the fire was. He had brought his personal instrument on the road with us and it was worth many thousands of dollars. I was sure that’s what he went to retrieve. He quickly emerged. In his arms, two cases of beer.


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