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Today will be complete, complete randomness. I was tired Sunday night. First time I remember being tired in a long time. I think tired is more an attitude, like much of my thoughts and feelings, with me.

Many, many years ago, when I was 17 I was on the road with a group. We were staying in dorms at a small college in North Carolina. It was the 2nd to last week of tour and we had been on the road for 6 weeks already, traveling and performing that summer. We did one or the other the whole six weeks, except the occasion here and there where we would be one place for two or three days in a row.

The first night we are in the dorms there is a thunder storm. (If you’re from California anything other than sunshine is STORM WATCH. Throughout most of the country, weather happens all year.) It woke me up and I was cool with it because it is what it is. I was tired and found myself quickly falling back asleep. Then I hear it. Giggling and laughing and the sounds of frolic pouring through my window. I was in a second floor dorm room and below my window was a large fountain which made the rain slightly louder. I get up to see the source of the sounds of shenanigans. My eyes were not prepared for this sight.

Three teen girls in their underwear are playing in the rain in the fountain. They were cute, but it didn’t matter. There were 3 or 4 other groups also staying in the dorms. None of these girls were in my group, and frankly that wouldn’t have mattered either. I was tired. I watched them briefly, and my only thought was, you silly girls, please go back to your room because I really want to sleep.

I walked away from the window and fell asleep to their laughter. That was one tired 17 year old boy 🙂

I was driving with my sister the other day. It’s between 4 and 5 o’clock and we are on surface streets. I was the most logical way to get to where we were going. I hate driving on the street, she says. I couple of seconds later I say, wow, good thing you said that, it just got a whole lot better! 🙂

She totally missed the point. Oh my! I hope you didn’t :O

Her daughter called her the another other day from school. My niece was registering for classes for the next semester. If you don’t know, not all classes needed for whatever you are pursuing are offered every semester. They are rotating certain classes to save money, state budget issues. My niece gets some, but not all the classes she wants, setting her graduation back at least one more semester.

My sister’s wisdom to her daughter is to, not worry about things that are out of my niece’s control, that’s her mother’s job.

I don’t think my sister saw the contradiction 🙂

I think I mentioned before, but I don’t give enough credit to the incredible fortune I had to have so many talented dedicated instructors in my young life.

A contemporary posted in FB about one of them this morning. Talking about a concept that is part of my DNA now, but at one point I had to drink the Kool-Aid.

The concept is: each day is a new day. It’s a very simple, logical concept that, taken to heart, really gives each of us a great chance to do our best that day.

I used to hate, not literally, that instructor, Greg. He always sensed when we needed motivating and knew just what to say to get us to jump through rings of fire. Wait; I posted something a few weeks ago and someone that was there with me in my days of youth remembered some of that instructors more memorable quotes.

Forgot, most of them involve a swear word or two 🙂

About 5 years ago I had an extensive stay in the hospital. He came to see me. I am in frequent contact with another of my instructors from back in the day who sees Greg quite regularly. He’s doing fine. That’s always good to hear.

I never wish anyone ill, even people that piss me off. I feel bad for them. People that suck have sucky lives.

So those are two of my themes that are somehow going to bind all these random writings. Don’t be the suck in the world, be the good and make things better for the people around you! 😀

Hope you enjoy. Share with friends. My veiwership is WAY down 😦

Do something about that! Make it happen! 🙂

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