Bare Naked Ladies

Made you look! 😀

Actually, that’s the story behind the band of the same name. They weren’t getting much of an audience at the club they were playing at so they created a false hype and changing whatever the band’s name was to Bare Naked Ladies and put that on the marquee 🙂

First time I went to strip club I was 17. It was in Montréal. I remember being more amused watching the people watching the dancers on stage than in watching the stage. About a third of the crowd was women – not counting drink servers and lap dancers. I was with a group of friends, guys and girls. We didn’t staying there too long.

I went to Montréal two more times. I didn’t spend any more time in strip clubs there.

A friend that I spent a lot of time with during my first few years of college lived near a strip club. Every few weeks or so when a bunch of us guys were hanging out at his house someone would say, hey let’s go to the Cat Patch, and off we would go. Don’t remember being excited about that idea. It was a low end strip club. I went to just hang with the guys.

I took an instructional assistant of mine, a male, to a strip club once. It was an effort to save a disastrous evening. A friend had given me tickets to see Sting. My assistant was a huge Sting fan so I invited him to go with me. I never looked at the tickets closely, but I remembered seeing the word “amphitheater” on them.

He comes to my house in Whittier from his house in Pasadena and I drive him down to Irvine. Not even the crickets are chirping. Hmm, I think. It must be at Universal. We drive up to Universal city, and not even crickets. I am about to head to the Greek Theater when he opens the glove box and pulls out the tickets.

Pacific Amphitheater

Its only one exit away from Verizon (Irvine) Amphitheater, where we started. My bad 🙂

At this point he just wants to go home, having spent the last two and a half hours or so driving all over creation.

On the way back to my house we pass a strip club. I paid for two or three lap dances for him, but it was pointless. He was so mad at me he was obviously not distracted even with that. We left after about 30 minutes.

My last time at a strip club was 2000. I was going to be the best man at my friend’s wedding. (How to Train a Guy blog-guy) It was about 10 days before the wedding when his bride to be calls me up and asks me when the bachelor party is. I was caught completely off guard. I had not planned one. Yet, now that I think about it, it makes total sense that I should have planned something more substantial than what happened.

Bride to be was/is perfect wife/mom person. She is very old fashion in many ways. I didn’t want to offend her with a debaucherous event like a bachelor’s party. But her being an old fashion kind of gal makes sense that she would expect her husband-to-be to participate in that ritual before tying the knot.

I called several of our closest friends and took him to the “classiest” strip club in L.A., if there is such a thing 🙂 I let it be known with the manager and the dancers that he was a soon to be husband. All the girls took him on stage individually and in groups. He was treated very well. An adult film star was also a special performer that night and she gave him some special treatment on stage too. Not a bad job for me as best man with a last minute event to send my friend off to matrimony.

Last time I was invited to a strip club was 2005. We were on the road. I was traveling with a U-Haul, an RV, and two semis with trailers. We were in OKC and my party was mostly guys in their 20’s. After checking into a motel, a bunch were like, hey let’s go to that strip club down the street. I’m like, enjoy fellas, I see a very nice restaurant across the street and that’s how I shall end my evening.

I spend my whole evening there, closed the place. I had very pleasant conversations with the waitresses throughout my meal and after. Not many customers that night.

As I head back to the motel I cross paths with the fellas coming back from the club. One guy throws his arm around my shoulder and says, Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray. The most beautiful women in OKC…, …were not at that club tonight.

I get why guys go to strip clubs. I get why some girls work at strip clubs. I actually dated a girl who worked at one. No, I didn’t meet her there. She actually had a regular job when I met her. A friend of hers started working at one and told her how much money she could make in one night. She talked with me about it, whether or not she should do it. I told her that was entirely up to her and it wouldn’t, and didn’t, affect the nature of our relationship.

It was quite an interesting experience for both of us. I am sure she was not the typical gal that did that kind of work. After she made a substantial amount of money in a few months, she quit.

Thank you faithful followers for reading my blog. Oh so many more stories to tell. Am I too brief? Am I too random? Spread the word with your friends. I’d like to think at least some of these are mildly amusing 🙂

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