My New Church: Team Jesus

I don’t know if you know but Mormon missionaries are pretty much on their own. Back in the day, I lived in an apartment that had a balcony. I lived on the second floor. One day I was bbq-ing on the balcony and a couple of missionaries were passing by.

They looked up at me like a 13 year old girl might look at a flying pink unicorn.

I invited them up and I think they got to the front door before me. They came in, I gave them drink and hamburgers. We talked awhile, not a lot of Jesus or Mormon stuff. Just talk. When it was time for them to go I told them they were welcome anytime.

I learned later from Mormon cousins of mine that missionaries stave off huger during their missions from thoughtful kind people. Good thing I remember to always renew my membership in that club.

After a couple of months of feeding these kids someone at the local LDS church got word of some crazy catholic guy hosting their missionaries. An older LDS person contacted me and I invited him over for dinner.

It was a very interesting meal and conversation. I could see him sizing me up the whole time. I know I have commented on religion before a few times and I will from time to time do that. It influences our lives so much, hard not to comment.

Basically whatever leads a person to be kind to others and do right in this world is a good thing. If you just go to a building once a week and stand and sit at the same time as everyone else and sing a few songs, better to just stand in a garage and hope you transform into a car.

After determining I was not trying to get the missionaries to switch teams (wtf, weren’t we both on team Jesus?) he left.

That will be the new church I am going to start. I will call it Team Jesus. No formal rituals, no priests or pastors, just people stepping up and talking about the good things they did that week that affected people in a positive way. Or people coming forward with ideas, projects that they need a hand with to help do something for others.

I guess there is something like that already. Non-profit organizations generally exist to provide services to people that would otherwise not have those services.

This morning I bought a Christmas tree from a school booster club that was fundraising for one of the school’s programs. Lots of good people and kids up early on a Saturday, trying to make things a little better for themselves and others. That’s a church I would belong too. Actually I do 🙂

One more quick thought and I will leave you with. I like that many people have decided that “God” is a being. I was talking about this the other day with a friend. She was like; well we are made in His image.

I had to remind her that a PERSON wrote that. Kind of arrogant when you look at that idea objectively. How dare we compare ourselves to God.

I like the idea that God is probably more like our brain. You’ve seen it, not very impressive. The heart, now that’s an organ with personality, the brain, not so much, just a blob really. But obviously what it does is quite impressive and the way it does it is still the subject of research.

Back to the God as person point. Guess that’s what motivated the Jews that followed Jesus to update his historical status from super badass dude into the Son of God, which he never claimed to be, by the way. People needed a bona fide tangible image of who/what God is.

Oh crazy humans! Gotta love them 😀

Be good today, and everyday. Be safe, keep your head up, look both ways, hold hands when you cross the street.

It’s that nutty time of the year. Take your time getting where you’re going. Leave early. Look people in the eye and say please, thank you, and you’re welcome

Thank you readers and see you all tomorrow. Thank you fellow bloggers for all the likes 🙂

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