Homework and the Bright Side of Life

Smile knowing your life effects other people 😀

I was asked recently two questions that are actually related. One what is the importance of doing homework and two how to look at every day and see the bright side of life and smile.

Answer, you just do it, both of them 🙂

I have to be honest about the homework thing. I didn’t always do my homework in high school. Also I know now some teachers assign homework, and it’s really just busy work, no enhancement of your knowledge or comprehension. Students too play the game, knowing some teachers don’t really “check” the homework, so a few do the assignment and the rest pass it around and copy it. It gets turned in and it’s all good: teacher assigned homework, students “did” it.

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Homework: well hopefully each teacher is thoughtful enough to give a syllabus that tells how your grade breaks down. Tests/quizzes are worth so much, class participation, do tardies and absences affect your grade (or being late to the bus), homework, etc. That was the reason, in high school anyways, I didn’t always do my homework. If it wasn’t a big part of my grade, I did well enough in all other areas that I usually got B’s and a few C’s.

So that leads to the second question. Know your responsibilities, be responsible, know what is and what is not in your control, and you’ll probably be happy with your life every day 🙂

Always do your best to keep perspective. Homework is just a part of your overall grade for a class. Some classes require more of your time than others. Manage your time. It’s great to want A’s and B’s. But sometimes you have to spend more time and work harder on a certain class just to get a C. That’s the way it goes sometimes, and that extra time takes away from a class you could have done better in, and you end up with a C in that class also, and that can be okay. You also need to keep your life balanced. I know some parents stress getting good grades, but you have to have a life too.

In the long run you have to know it is you that decides whether you are happy with yourself or not. Have your own standards because in the end, it’s you that you have to be happy with. Decide what it is you want to accomplish each day and do it to the best of your ability. Be happy with your efforts at the end of each day, but start each day determined to do your best. If you look back and think you could have done a better job that day, it’s okay too. There will be a tomorrow; you get another chance to do your best.

 You will have setbacks that have nothing to do with your efforts or ability. They are going to happen for whatever reason. Don’t freak out. Keep perspective. When things go wrong, if you are trying to do your best and be your best, it’s probably not you that made things go wrong. The world is complicated sometimes. Keep your head up, focus and highlight the positive things that are happening or have happened. Be thankful for successes you’ve had, keep those in the front of your mind, and know that when stuff goes bad, eventually it will get better and smile 😀

One thing that is certain about life, it goes on.

Some days are better than others, we call that life. Don’t get down on yourself if you’re having a bad day, they will happen. Each day is another chance. Believe that things will get better if they are not going well. Also know that things will go bad at some point again. Bad stuff will happen that we have no control over that fact. Hopefully in between the bad stuff there’s a lot of good stuff. It’s unreasonable to think things are going to go well all the time. But hope that your plans and your efforts will always result in something positive, but be prepared when they don’t.

So how do you make choices that will increase the chance that something good will happen? Truth is, sometimes we make mistakes, even when we are trying to do our best.  

Sometimes we make choices based on information that later turns out to be false information. Sometimes we make emotional choices, the worst kind. Sometimes we make choices and not think through all the possibilities or we think the bad outcomes of those choices are the least likely. Sometimes circumstances just change and our choices, based on factors that no longer exist, make us look foolish.

Whatever the reason sometimes things go bad when you are trying to do good, do not blame yourself. You are a much better person than that. Pencils have erasers for a reason. We make mistakes, we are human, and we are fallible.

If others are so perfect, that they sit in judgment of a mistake you make, that’s on them. Let no one determine how you feel about yourself. You made a mistake, you’re sorry, please forgive, let’s move on.

It’s all about perspective. Time will heal all. Each day focus on the tasks at hand. Get stuff done, move on. Each day that bad choice will move farther and farther into your past, and always remember; never let something behind you trip you.

Again, use perspective. Whatever happened probably could have been worse. Be glad it wasn’t. Trust me, if you don’t think it could have been worse; tell me, I’ll tell you how it could have been worse.

The human spirit has an amazing ability to persevere. Forgive yourself, even if others don’t. It’s your life. Treat yourself well; think of yourself in the best possible terms. Bad choices don’t make you a bad person. Again, we all from time to time, make mistakes. There is a lifetime of good things and good people to think about instead of a moment or moments of bad judgment.

That’s another thing. We are loved, flaws and all by our family and friends. We may or may not hear it from them, but love will always heal us and help us recovery from our own misdoings.

I can honestly say I have made a few horrible choices. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and don’t dwell on them. Too many good things in life to think about that make smile 😀

Never be so hard on yourself that you think you should never make a mistake. Yes once in a while that mistake may be devastating in the moment. But again, have perspective.

There is never true failure, unless one chooses not to learn from a mistake. That’s really what the most horrible choices boil down to, a mistake, an error. Hit the reset button and move on 🙂

Life is good. Life is great. If you are reading this, you have at least one great friend!

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