I was amusing myself the other day rereading some of my earlier blogs. Then I stopped and texted a friend. I told her before I started rereading blogs that that was what I was going to do. During rereading blogs I told her I was amused by myself. When I stopped I told her how annoyed with myself I had become 😦

Well today I hope I am amusing and not annoying 😀

I think I mentioned before I am reading about the history of the concept of God. I am barely through the second chapter and the chapters are only about 75 pages long. It is an incredible concept to cover and the amount of research done, just to this point, is staggering. I keep stopping and think about what I am reading, and I make notes too.
Some things to think about, the Council of Nicaea (where “they” decided what Christianity and the bible was going to be, what “books” to put in and which ones would be left out) only a couple of bishops were Latin speakers. The original bible was written in Greek.

I don’t know your familiarity with other languages, but a lot can be lost in translation.
That’s a great movie, by the way. Highly recommend it. I love Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson in anything, together, even better 😀

Without going into great detail another thing I learned was the Greek word for soul is a feminine word. I like that, as idea and as a fact. I say it that way, because not all ideas are facts, but that happens to be the case in this instance.
Okay, I am going to get all word geeky on you for the moment, and maybe the rest of this blog.

I just did some quick research. Many languages have words that are either masculine or feminine by grammatical definition. Not English, although that is not to say there are not certain words or phrases that imply male or femaleness.

And I love how language is always evolving. 20 years ago when I started teaching I could not refer to an entire class as “you guys” as some female students would protest. That is not the case anymore. Also for at least the past five or six years I have heard younger females refer to each other as dude, as in, dude, srsly lol. Dude, ikr?!

Alright, back to God. In St. Augustine’s writings, he talks about a trinity within our own mind. The knowledge we acquire, the knowledge of self we have, and then the desires or loves of our life.

This book, a history of god, is going to make my head explode. I am particularly intrigued by the nuances each of the philosophers or theologians have with each other, and how where they live in the world and what is happening in culture and society at the time effects their thinking and writing, and what language they use to interpret scripture, and other historical contextual factors in their writings.

Christianity started out as a religion looking to be tolerated in a pagan world, but once it became a part of the Roman Empire, it began its road to more and more rigidity in what was acceptable to believe about God, all three of them, but not really, because they are one. But father, son, Holy Spirit is three things, or are they? Are they 3 manifestations of God? Yes, that’s it BINGO! 😀

Many Christian thoughts are pillars in other non-theistic religions. I am not smart enough to comment beyond that at this point, other than to say the author frequently points out when those things occur in the context of her explaining how it is we have gotten to the point now, when we talk about God.

I don’t know how it was but I was talking with another friend the other day and we started talking about the fact Joseph was a much older man than Mary, and some other facts about Jesus’ family life, that are documented in the bible.
Without trying to be too radical, it was common for rabbis to be married with children. Jesus was a rabbi. I am going to stop with that thought.

I love how certain people base their thoughts and actions based on ideas that were conceived thousands of years ago. I don’t know if they noticed, a lot has changed since.

I also love the label Christians use dividing the bible into two main parts: old and new. Who wants old? Wasn’t new created to replace old? I am a little confused.

Not really 😀 I got head exploding book telling me the history of how that happened! 😀

Also if you know scripture, the Hebrew God is an angry, warrior, the God of the New Testament is a kind, gentle God.
I am so looking forward to chapter three where I will learn the origins of Islam. Understanding current history and understanding the origins of Judaism and Christianity, my guess is much was lost in translation as to what the meaning of the originals words of Islam was to be to the world. Abraham, Moses, and Jesus Christ are all prophets in the Koran!

Instead of team Jesus, why don’t we just have team God?!

Thank you readers and thank you fellow bloggers for the likes 😀

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