Food, Love, and Motherhood

I was invited to go cook soup at a friend’s apartment later today 😀 I am really excited. I haven’t been over to her place since the middle of July. That’s mostly my fault. I never ask. I was just thinking about it this morning. There was a time when we spent several days each week together. That was a long time ago; she was a much different person then and didn’t have as many time commitments, and she had a less reliable car.

But me too, I became less available. Meh, it is what it is.

She wants soup, chicken soup. I don’t think she’s sick or anything. The last time we made soup is was shrimp soup, and I think that was about a year ago.

I did see her a few weeks ago. She was out with other friends of ours and I was out with other friends of ours. We talked briefly, but I stayed mostly with my people for that night. Funny I remember I was talking to someone else and he interrupted me and he’s like, dude, she’s been calling your name. I was so into listening to my own voice that I didn’t notice she was trying to get my attention. I didn’t even know she was there at that point, although I was expecting to see her,
I remember the last time we were in a situation like that, us with different sets of friends, she kept texting me, even though she was only a few feet away from me. She’s funny like that sometimes 😀

She says she has got wine for tonight. Surprise 😀 Actually I bought some wine 3 months ago to drink with her and nomnom carne asada. That didn’t happen, over booked that day.

She texted me about a week ago, Oh I remember, she got tagged in a photo that was posted and she was wearing a beautiful dress, I texted her “beautiful dress.” She is like a few women I know that pick exceptionally complimentary clothing and accessories. She knows what she looks good in; she has this little black dress, and these jeans… 😀

She was my first text, MySpace, and Facebook message sender/receiver. An interesting “honor” to have I suppose 😀

I am trying to decide what to include in the soup tonight. I think I will just wander through the veggie aisles and pick out whatever looks good. I know I want a good color combination that is attractive. I am thinking carrots, celery, yellow or butternut squash, red bell pepper, green onion. That seems like plenty. I am also bringing salsa and Spanish rice.

I’d make a badass wife one day!

Now I am wondering if I should bring dark chocolate. She said I would make an awesome gay best friend 😀 At the time I had brought her wine, See’s dark chocolates, and a fist full of romantic comedies several times in a row in one month.

The last time we talked about hanging out and me cooking for her she had said she wanted lamb. I had never cooked lamb before and looked up some recipes and did some experimenting on my own. I am not a good follower of recipes. I have my own ideas on how to prepare food and what ingredients would go well together. I am quite a good cook, I say as humbly as possible 😀

It’s all about love. I love to cook. I love to eat. I love good food. I actually love the whole process: the planning, the gathering, the prepping, the cooking, the serving, the cleanup. Yes, the cleanup I love too. It’s part of the process.
I found the title for this blog. Sometimes I know it before I start. Sometimes the title comes to me in process.

Okay, word geek moment again. Process, everything is a process. When you understand things that way, life is more enjoyable. We segment way too much, I believe, in our life. I understand why people do it. It is to make life manageable so we don’t go crazy or get overwhelmed with the world. But when we over simplify things, we can lose the meaning and the context of what our life is in this world.

Wow, that got heavy kind of fast 😀 I was just talking about food. No, I was talking about Love.


We use that word too frequently and not enough. I was thinking the other day of someone I loved dearly at one point, but no more. I sometimes wonder if she still loves me. I do believe men and women love differently. We are built different. Our brains work differently. I think women understand that better than men do.

Ha! Girls are better than boys! 😀

I don’t know if most men understand the women in their lives have an understanding of love that is beyond anything we, as men, can experience.

It’s just the same with children. Men can never truly know and understand the love, the bond between mother and child. How could we. We didn’t carry that being and bring it to life. I cannot even begin to imagine how that whole process, (there’s that word again!), transforms one from women to mother, and what a transforming experience that is.

Maybe that’s today’s blog title, or how about Motherhood and Love?, or maybe Food, Love, and Motherhood.

Yup, imma go with that one.

Got shopping to do! See y’all tomorrow! Thank you readers 😀

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