Cold War Part 1

As some of you may or may not know I have the intention of writing a book, or books more likely, some day. For this reason I began this blog, to get out thoughts and stories to somehow assemble into some kind of coherent narrative 😀

Having said that I have no idea how this next blog is going to fit into the big picture, but I feel compelled to write about this stuff now.

So there was this thing WWII that happened and for whatever their reasons, scientists from Germany emigrated or were otherwise convinced to live and work in the former USSR or the USA. There along with their counterparts they began development of what would eventually become nuclear weapons.

The US was first because of a superior resource capacity. Unfortunately that resource capacity was also due to the fact that the US had an alliance with Great Britain. Great Britain controlled uranium mines in Africa which was the basis for one of the bombs main explosive material.

I say unfortunately because one of the conditions of the British allowing the US access to the uranium resources, Britain demanded a partnership in the bombs development. It turned out one of the British scientists was also a spy for the USSR and aided their Bomb development by an estimated 5 to 6 years.

The US ran two simultaneous bomb programs at the same time. One bomb was to consist of a plutonium core, the other a uranium core. The reason for two program was because it was a new science and no one knew which would be quicker to develop, or if either would work. Turns out both programs finished at about the same time, and both, again unfortunately worked.

Once the USSR developed nuclear bomb making capacity the Cold War’s arms race was on.

The height of that came when nuclear missiles were shipped to Cuba in the early sixties. It later came to be known as the Cuban Missile crisis. We provoked that action because we stationed nuclear weapons pointed at the USSR in turkey, about the same distance Cuba is to the US. We had those missiles in turkey more than 10 years before the USSR decided to “balance” the threat against them to a threat against us.

That was the stupid logic at the time. Mutual destruction.

At the height of the Cuban Missile crisis, this was the wisdom spouted by one US general, at the end of a nuclear war if there are two Americans and one Russian, we win.


It took the USSR that long to respond to our threat against them to a threat against us because they lacked the resources to produce nuclear bombs at the rate we could. Even at the time, they only had several hundred nuclear bombs to our several thousand.

Two little known facts, also, about the Cuban missile crisis: Nuclear war was a lot closer than people knew. A Russian submarine armed with a nuclear torpedo was off the coast of Florida. A US navy battleship was chasing it around and badly damaged it with depth charges. The captain lost communication with his commanders in Moscow. Also, the sub was badly damaged and losing capacity to function and was in danger of sinking. He gave the order to arm and fire the nuclear torpedo. Before that could happen, another officer talked him down.

What finally ended that crisis was we agreed to remove the missiles in Turkey, which had caused the whole crisis in the first place. The agreement was neither side would speak of it.

Two great men lead the world away from destruction. Their thanks?, the Russian leader was soon overthrown for seen as being weak against the US. Our leader, I believe, ONE of the reasons for his assassination was not striking Russia, instead, negotiating a peaceful settlement.

Elements of those in this country that were part of that conspiracy still exist.

I know my blogs are usually light and fluffy but this has been on my mind and I really needed to get this out.

Thank you readers 😀 I am hopeful I will return to my usual topics tomorrow. But depending on your responses, I may continue this thought as I am by no means done 😀

Again, thank you 😀

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