Best Day Ever!!! :D

Yesterday was the most perfect day ever! One of them anyway, and there will be more to come πŸ˜€

I woke up at 5:30am ish, make coffee, read some news, got handsome and then left to scoop a friend at her apartment. I get there 8:00ish and off to church we go. Fantastic conversation proceeds. We stop for coffee and morning munches in the South Bay area.

We get to church, and sit in the car a moment sharing more private thoughts before exiting the vehicle. Upon exiting vehicle she is immediately greeted and embraced by many also on their way to church, she is so loved by so many everywhere she goes. I only attended this church 1 year about 4 years ago. My love and recogition comes later πŸ˜€

We enter the church and find seats right away. More people approach my friend; more greetings and embracings for her. People are now recognizing and embracing me too πŸ˜€ The service begins. After the opening hymn and house keeping annoucements the Pastor awknowledges my friend’s and my presence at the service: applause (such sweet people.)

As is tradition at this church on the 4th Advent Sunday, the choir sings the Hallelujah from Handel’s Messiah, and invites anyone so willing to come forward and participate. My friend and myself proceed forward. I have sung the piece, but not in at least 10 years. Making matters worse, if you know me, I like doing things the right way! πŸ˜€

The choir did a great job adjusting to the tempo inconsistencies from the organist, which made making music and not just hitting notes more challenging but also more fun in a way. I remembered the tenor part better than I thought I might. But that was also a reflection of what I said earlier. Even though it had been more than 10 years from my last performance of that music, I had prepared well back in the day πŸ˜€

After saying goodbye to old friends, and making our way back to my friend’s apartment, Β she asks me if I would mind taking a detour. Of course not, I say, so we embarked on a little L.A. sightseeing. Our first stop was the Watts Towers. If you are able to visit, I highly suggest it. At the very least Google the story behind the towers, it is very intersting, IMHO πŸ˜€

While we were making our way to Watts Towers my friend showed me a picture of us singing with the church choir that morning. It was on the church’s website. Technology: how awesome πŸ˜€

After a few minutes at Watts Towers we proceeded to Olvera Street. The lady wanted tamales and I operate on a very simple principle, what the lady wants, the lady gets πŸ˜€ After finding parking we first went to Union Station, very historic, if you haven’t visited put it on your bucket list. After several minutes of admiring architecture and craftsmenship, we crossed the street.

We started out people watching and watching various musical groups performing around or near the plaza. We took a brief tour of the Avila House and begin to explore our dining options.

We decide upon La Luz del Dia (the light of day) with an assist from Yelp. She grabs a table and I order us menudo, pork tamales, beans & rice, and sweet tamales. We feast and have more outstanding conversation. It’s a little after 1pm and we had about 3 hours to kill before leaving for a party later that evening πŸ˜€

We slowly walk back to the car enjoying all that Olvera street has to offer this Sunday afternoon, visually and musically. I drive around Chinatown a bit, then head us back to her place πŸ˜€

We get there, she changes, I get comfortable. Pillows, blankets, couch, movietime: Steel Magnolias (the original) It’s close to 4pm now and she goes to change again πŸ˜€

When she’s ready we leave and head to BevMo (originally called Beverages & More) We pick up livations, mixes, glasses, and a martini shaker. Then off to West L.A. we go.

We get there and quite a few people are already there. Firepit and table of snacks and soft beverages in front, snacks and adult beverages inside. After introductions I pour myself and my friend a glass wine and walk around refilling some glasses πŸ˜€

Most people don’t know each other but conversation flows easy as all are muscians and teachers in some capacity. Very lively, interesting coversations proceed. After a few more arrivals a critical mass is achieved and activity shifts to grabbing equipmet (appropriately) and music stands.

We move enmass to the frontyard and form an arc. Music and lyric sheets distributed, informal warm-up and off we go! Christmas caroling from random friends of two people begins! (There would have been more muscians at the party, but many r.s.v.ped that they had a gig that night.) People start coming out of houses and apartments, filling the yard and sidewalk, partaking of hot cider and hot tea and snacks πŸ˜€

Some cars driving by stop. Sometimes they got out of their car, sometimes they just listened with the windows down. Some people in the apartments across the street instead of coming over, listened and watched from their windows. It was a good show. 17 of us altogether with good istrumentation. It was a lot of fun and a real treat for passersby. They will, as will I, remember this evening for a very long time πŸ˜€

After cleaning up and putting away equipment we gathered again inside and meat and veggie pizza was along side the snacks on the table, which also had now roasted veggies and fruit. (The roasted veggies were my favorite! ) Elf, the movie goes on, when it finishes it is now close to 10pm. My friend and I say thank yous and good nights and head back to her place πŸ˜€

We have the best coversation of the day going back to her apartment, in part awknowledging to each other what an absolutely fantastic day we had together and so thankful to share these kinds of days together, and also awknowledging that it is because of who we are and who we have as our friends that make our lives so consistently rich with love on so many levels πŸ˜€

Thank you readers, had quite a full day yesterday. Hope you enjoy, today and everyday! πŸ˜€

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