Beautiful Women

Some of my favorite words: class, elegance, enchanting, beguiling (which I don’t consider a negative term), charming, adorable, loving, nurturing, pulchritudinous. These words are mainly applied to women, although you could apply a lot of those to a few men, very few men; Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, maybe Marlon Brando (back in the day.)

My favorite words definitely apply to Audrey Hepburn. She is so my favorite forever 😀 I have Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (By the way, little know fact: Cary Grant was scheduled to star opposite Audrey in Roman Holiday and have the role that Bogart got in Sabrina, schedule conflicts for Cary forced recasting; not bad second choices) 😀 Audrey Hepburn is one of the few actresses to win an Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and Academy Award

She lived a remarkable life. It is ironic to me that a woman so iconic for her beauty and style and did so much humanitarian work left this world with two sons and no daughters. I guess that would have sucked to have been Audrey Hepburn’s daughter, but maybe not.
Caroline Kennedy just came to mind. She seems to have done more than okay being the daughter of another woman known for her beauty and style and contributions to the world 😀 Audrey Hepburn’s sons do continue their mother’s humanitarian work; they help run her foundation Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly I am lucky to have a couple of friends whom all of those favorite words apply to also 😀 and they both impact children and the world in the most positive of ways.

After the incident I wrote about in “Emotional Trauma” I was in quite an emotional fog until about 4 or 5 years ago. When I came out of it I discovered I had these two remarkable people I am very honored and privileged to call my friends.

I met each at a time when they are emerging from young adulthood into womanhood. A very interesting transitional time for me to be able to observe the changes they have gone through and are going through from my perspective. I could not have appreciated these moments as a younger man. I am some times jealous as I see how differently they experience the world as women. The world is a much richer and also sometimes scarier place, when viewed through the eyes of a woman. Either way, the world has more depth. Talking with them, it seems sometimes that I am living in a 2D black and white world, while they are experiencing a 3D high digital IMAX view 😀 Something of an exaggeration on my part, but only slightly 😀

I had a very interesting FB message conversation the other day with a woman who was my first high school kiss. (I don’t think I told her, but I used the move she used on me that afternoon several times throughout my romantic years, quite effectively, thank you) 😀 She told me that she had considered herself ugly because of how she was treated growing up at home. I had no idea. I thought she was beautiful, but was too stupid as a boy to know how to follow up on that kiss.

I have heard that from several friends from high school, about home life being, to say the least, not the best. One even told me that the highlight of her day for 4 years was when we rode the bus and sat together going to and coming home from school. I had no idea, again, clueless boy, go figure! And I thought she was one of the most beautiful girls too, but she felt so the opposite.

Oh crap! I don’t think I blogged about this yet, but fits the topic. In high school would walk home everyday from the school bus with a girl who definitely all my favorite words to describe women applied to. The last two years of high school we became really good friends. We would sometimes sit in her yard after school for an hour or more talking. When Senior Prom time rolled around there were rumors she wanted me to ask her to the Prom. (Clueless wonder boy again! I should have had a theme song! It is a minor miracle I ever…) I ignored the rumors as I ignored all rumors at the time. People talk smack. Beside WE TALKED EVERYDAY. My stupid young boy logic was if she wanted me to take her to the prom she would have told me.

Some other mutual friend ended up taking her. She had a terrible time. He was a nice guy at school, but turned out he was not date material. The next week she told me about prom, what a terrible time she had, and that she had wished she had gone with me.

At that point I experienced for one of the first times I can recall wanting the earth to open up and swallow me.

I don’t remember how soon we started, but we planned our Grad Night together, where to go first, what rides to ride, what restaurant to eat at (The Blue Bayou) and of course some dancing. It all happened as we had planned. We went with friends to the beach after getting back. As night time approached she had to go home and pack as she was going away to college. We wrote letters for a few years (yes it was a long time ago) and eventually lost contact. Probably my fault, as I was in another kind of fog through college.

Wow, started serious daydreaming. Not about what was, or what could have been. Just about women from the past in general. I think this is a good place to stop.

Oh, speaking of beautiful women there are many in my family, both by blood and marriage. I missed a lot of them the other day as I had important business to attend to. My good friends are as important to me as my family. I am sorry I missed so many of my family members the other day, but I am not sorry I went to spend time with my friend. It was good for both of us emotionally. I am still trying to clear that fog from my mind, my heart, and my soul and spending time with her helps me 😀

Amen. Thank you readers.

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