Girls, Women, Females

Yes it’s that topic again 😀 My blog, my topics! 😛 I have asked for suggestions, and I have blogged about questions I have been asked such as “Horrible Decisions…”, “Homework and the Bright Side of Life”, and “What to do when I relationship is Over” wasn’t exactly asked for, but since I know so many people will experience it several times in a lifetime I thought I would take the opportunity to address that topic.

So honestly readers, if there is something you want to read about, I will write about it. If I don’t know the topic, I will research. Most of what o wrote yesterday I pulled of the internet. Some of the questions were poorly stated so I rewrote quite a few. Some questions were just plain dumb and replaced them. Either make a suggestion for a blog in the comments section, or a FB message works too 😀

Ever since I was fully engaged in adolescence I have had female friends. I remember talking on the phone all night before the first day of high school with a friend. I think one of the reasons I unconsciously had so many female friends is girls are chatty, and as a younger person I was quite chatty 😀 and frankly, I prefer the company of females over males; females are by FAR more attractive 😀

I also recall between 7th and 8th grade going to lots of “dances” at private homes. I was friends with a girl (who, just as an aside, is now a psychic healer and current FB friend) who had a cousin that went to an all girl catholic school. I met her cousin at one of my friend’s parties and her cousin and I became friends. She invited me to a party she was having at her house a week or so later. I went, met more girls and became friends with them and got invited to more parties that summer 😀

Dances was in quotes because although we did do some dancing, most of the time was spent coupling off with one person or another for the evening. I don’t ever recall any adult supervision. I know we were all dropped off and picked up as we were all so young. Anyway, point is although I was a young man definitely interested in what all young men are interested in; I did genuinely enjoy just talking to a lot of these girls I met. They would give their phone numbers and we would talk on the phone, sometimes for hours, with me having no plans or intentions beyond that.

I have said before in various ways; I do love the company of women, and at the time girls, but I have always understood the complexities of relationships and how even a kiss is not just a kiss for a girl.

As you may or may not know I have a couple of close friends that are female. The thought that has been running through my head recently, very consciously, is that I am becoming somewhat jealous of the fact that I will never think like a woman, and I have shared that thought with them recently. I know that sounds funny to say, and I am in no way shape or form going through identity or gender issues. Trust, I LOVE WOMEN 😀

What I am talking about, and what I have made passing reference to in previous blogs is that the structure of the women’s brain is different from that of a man. I know, duh. But seriously the most significant way it is different is a women’s ability to think non-linearly. Each neuron in a women’s brain has many more synaptic connections than a man’s brain. Men are much more linear thinkers, generally speaking. I know I posted something on FB that I got called on, because if you know me, it wasn’t true, but for most men it did apply. The post was, “Women, when you ask what we are thinking, and we say nothing, WE MEAN IT.” I posted it because I thought it was funny, because in most cases, it is true. Of course if you know me, I always have something on my mind and always have something to say. Generally it has some value, sometime it’s just jabbering 😀

I was having lunch with a female friend the other day I was telling her some of these thoughts about the difference between the way men and women think, and that I was jealous that I would never “see” or understand how she sees and understands things. I like to think I am a sharp and aware type of person and I can think in highly abstract and intellectual terms, but I still wouldn’t truly see or understand a women’s point of view, other than superficially.

My past experiences made me aware of this phenomena: selling gold jewelry, make-up, and designer clothes the customers were overwhelmingly female. I saw how ladies and girls SHOPPED, they usually just don’t buy, not these items anyway. I can’t explain, women you know, the joy of the experience shopping brings you, even when you may end up buying NOTHING 😀 It probably drives some of the men in your life crazy.

That reminds me of something I was talking about yesterday at lunch. In my thirties I had a relationship with someone in her twenties. She would ask me to go shopping with her and we would spend hours going store to store and she would wind up with one or two items. I loved it because she obviously was experiencing a joy I could only watch. (Yes, she was very easy on the eyes and it definitely didn’t suck looking at her in dozens of different outfits, but that is not the point.) Just watching her interact with the sales girls, and how they would fawn and dote over her would make me think how this was nothing like when a man goes to buy some shirts and pants, or even a suit. She would talk sometimes for days about a particular girl or a particular experience she had shopping, more so if I was there at the time. I would have things to add too, since while she was in the changing room often those sales girls were looking to make sales so they would engage me in conversation, telling me what they thought she looked really good in or if I liked any items she picked more than others. I enjoyed the sales games 😀

Oh, I have to do a Ferris Beuller moment. Yes, if you want to do some shopping and want someone to go with you, I will 😀

Thank you readers. Hope you are sharing the blogs you like with your friends. Enjoy and be safe during the holidays 😀


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  2. MrsWessels says:

    i only started reading your blog a few hours ago and i am starting to love you and your writing. its super having to see there is people that understand.

  3. adien liv says:


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