kids say the darndest things

When I was about 5 or 6 my sister said or did something at the breakfast table to piss me off. I told her, you’re despicable! Astonished my mother asked me if I knew what despicable meant. I said no, just that bugs bunny had mad daffy duck mad during the cartoons that morning and daffy called bugs despicable, so I figured it applied here 😀

Kids say the darnedest things!

Many years ago, my mother used to swear like a sailor. While I was growing up, and she was still learning English, she spoke nothing but the best English. It wasn’t until I was an adult and she had some newer friends that were a little rough around the edges, that she got into the habit of punctuating her sentences, particularly if she was mad or upset, with words unbecoming for a 3 year olds ear 😀

My mom was driving around with her 3 year old granddaughter; not the first time. As she was driving someone did something to cause my mother to become upset. Before she could say anything, my niece offered her own observation. Was that a goddamsonofabitch gramma?

Oh, kids say the darnedest things! 😀

My mother realized she needed to be more mindful of what she said in the presence of children.

My niece is/was quite something. Always acutely aware of what was going on around her. I was driving her around one day, at about the same age as mentioned before, on some city streets. As we passed a bus stop a young man wearing a t-shirt and shorts was waiting for the bus. He possessed a reasonable degree of attractiveness. Hubbahubba!, my niece says as we pass by. I am highly amused, to say the least, but I give her no reaction, and she is seeking none. A few more blocks down the street we pass another bus stop where another man waits for the bus. He is a much older man, attractive to his wife only, maybe 😀 I ask my niece if he was a hubbahubba too. She turns to me, scowling, and says, dasnota hubbahubba, and turns away maintaining a look of disgust that I would say such a thing 😀

I posted on FB this morning about the way not to find out if a Christmas ornament is breakable is by bouncing it off the tile. A kid, if you’re under 30 you are a kid to me :D, commented, sorry ray. I have not seen this kid in YEARS.

Not only do kids say the darnedest things, kids will repeat the darnedest things you say for them to repeat.

I was working with a youth group a number of years ago. It wasn’t doing very well at the time and with the assistance of me and a few other good people we turned it around in a few years and got the group on the right track. I then left it to pursue other projects. Several years later I see that group again and it is worse condition than when I saw it many years earlier. I speak with management and rejoin the group. There is much work to be done, mostly because the upper management is seriously incompetent (thankfully they are all gone now) 😀

Two of the most professional, well prepared, effective, and of clearest of mind and vision instructors were extremely frustrated. In my position as middle management it was my position to facilitate communication between instructional staff and upper management. Upper management’s lack of a clue made the instructional staff’s ability to function on the most basic of levels almost impossible. I would have three to four conversations a week with the two instructors I previously mentioned. Rants may be something of an over statement, but they were definitely frustrated about the situation. They were very passionate about providing students with the best possible educational experience and were beyond words as to why the simplest of details were not being handled by upper management.

(As an aside, the group is and has been doing quite well the last few years)

I think most people that know me would say I am a good listener. I would listen to these instructors and try to figure out what I could do to help lower their frustration and to make the situation as successful as possible so that, bottom line, kids have a good experience. I could tell those instructors would be a little remorseful at the end of many of the conversations, because sometimes passion can be a little messy, and it was through their anger with upper management that most of these conversations began. Our conversations would frequently end with, sorry ray

Sometime later that year during a rehearsal as I am floating around checking to make sure things are running smoothly, one of those instructor is working a group of students. He sees me, cuts the activity, tell s them to turn around and say, sorry ray. Being good, complicit students they turn and offer me an apology, for no apparent reason from their perspective. Their instructor now has a beaming smile like a ten year old boy with a $100 gift card for Gamestop.

Later on I see the other instructor I have been speaking of. He is working with another group of students. He too does the same thing, stopping the activity, asking the kids to turn around and say, sorry ray. They do of course, they are kids! He also now has a cat that ate the canary smile. These guys 😀

This was five years ago! Why do these kids still offer me random apologies! I saw a student a couple of months ago, having no seen him in almost a year. No hey ray, no what’s up ray. Sorry ray, and a big smile.

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