Is the Internet making us smarter?

It is amazing what people can search for on the internet. I can remember a time before the internet. No, people weren’t riding horses down the street. Although I did grow up in a semi-rural area and I do recall people riding horses around the neighborhood on a pretty regular basis.

I went and visited a friend the other day. Before we left on our walk she enabled her gps on her iphone so we would know how many miles we walked. Along the walk we were stopped by an out of town couple looking for the park where the rose parade floats were on display. My friend looked that up on her phone. Later when she wanted pizza she typed that into, and in the evening when we wanted to watch a movie, she pulled one off Netflix! 😀

Hard to imagine a time we actually operated fairly efficiently without computers, without smart phones, without the internet. At least we thought we did 😀

The first classroom I had with internet capacity was in 1996 and it was mostly for administrative purposes. I did purchase a personal computer that same year and signed on to AOL. That was my first year on the internet 😀

The first time I took a class to the computer lab to do online research was in 1998 😀

I heard on the radio this morning that the state of California is going to do away with the paper testing of students state-wide and instead switch to computer based assessments that will focus more on critical thinking skills. When I studied for my MA in Education it was on education technology. The focus of my thesis was on the efficacy of distance education. Basically the idea was that an instructor would be in a studio, with or without students, but that lecture would be spent via cable to classroom far away, and students were able to interact with that instructor via mikes and speakers in both the studio for the teacher and in the classrooms where the students were. That was in 1991

A lot of the research I was reading at the time, regarding technology and education, said that books would be replaced by computers, and that each student’s desk would be equipped with a screen attached to a server and that content would be delivered that way. This was all to happen within 10 years 😀

The researchers were obviously not aware of the textbook mafia. More than 20 years later college students are still spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a year on books.

We are definitely in a transitional period of some type. With the rise of social media we are communicating and receiving information at such a rapid rate we are not able to process it very efficiently. It will probably be the next generation, after the current 20 somethings, that will begin to understand and make our current situation more manageable, in regards to megabytes of information we are bombarded with every second.

I myself am trying to leave as large a footprint in cyberspace as possible 😀 I know I have said my original intent on starting this blog was to eventually write a book. That does remain true, but in blogging and in reading other blogs I saw how people linked their other social media activities to their blogs. I too have now linked my FB, Pinterest, and Twitter pages to my blog. I am interested in seeing whether any of those will have any impact on the others. I would like to think so be I am not sure. Again, untraveled territory 😀

Something I know, and a passing thought I have from time to time is that words can be valuable; valuable as in make money. I sometimes think the people I know are getting quite the deal being my friend. I know my father, who was one to hold court often with people seeking his wisdom, would often say after helping someone out that he wasn’t going to charge them for that information.

My hope is also when I do eventually write a book, that it will be popular and people will want to buy it, subscribe to it, “like” it. I am beginning to think when I do get around to assemble these blogs into a coherent mass it will probably be here, somewhere on the internet 😀

So 5 views of my blogs today were people searching for info regarding questions to ask potential boyfriends/girlfriends and/or getting back with an ex. Interesting. Internet, all knowing, all being. Philosophers and Theologians of the past would have called the internet god.

Oh my! 😀 hehehe

Well the belief in God makes people dumber in some ways, and in others the concept of God enlightens us. Maybe the internet is the god of this new millennia 😀

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