Tats, Piercings, Camp, and other Life Events :D

So I was talking with some kids the other day. I complimented one on a new piercing he got, not because I particularly liked it but because I imagined he had probably gotten a lot of crap from people about it, probably even “friends.” I didn’t think about it until later but probably not a single adult had anything nice to say about it either. I am not sure how I would feel about my kid, if I had any, with a piercing beyond the ears, but you know what? Deal with it, and get over it. Kids gotta do what they gotta do on the way to being an adult.

Another kid asked me if I ever had any piercings. I told him no, because at the time I was considering getting my ear pierced it was at the time that piercing became “acceptable” and “fashionable” for young people. I put those words in quotes because the definitions of those words do not apply to all 😀

Not a time to get geeked out with words. Too much other stuff to say right now 😀

That same kid asked me if I had any tats. I told him the same thing. There was a time only bikers and sailors had tattoos. When I was considering getting one, tat shops started popping up everywhere. I have said before. If everyone is doing something, or a lot of people, I will be going in the other direction 😀

Last memorial day, I was with a group of students having an exceptional camp, learning a show to be performed later in the summer. It was a Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and most of Monday camp. We had spent a lot of time together and were getting stuff done and getting it done well. The battery always seems to have the most squirrels when it comes to getting to sleep after lights out. All the kids sleep in one gym, usually, but this camp we had the boys and girls separated because the showers were separated.

If you didn’t know, most schools, for whatever reason, are constructed with the boys and girls showers back to back. Not this school. The girls’ showers were attached to the girls’ gym which was about 200 yards away. A mom was nice enough to be a chaperone and stayed with 30 or so girls we had in the group.

I don’t remember having problems this camp getting the boys to bed except for Sunday night. I don’t know if it was fatigue on my part or what. When I had to reprimand them, battery squirrels, a second time I unleashed an unholy, Samuel L. Jacksonesque Ezekiel 25:17, moment that those kids still recall.

They, battery squirrels, laughed at the banquet at the end of the season when I said that even though it may have not always seemed like it, I loved them all very much. Their laugher caught me off guard, but I immediately knew what they were talking about. It happened again the other day when in the course of instruction I felt like I had to tell the new people, in particular, that at times I may seem to be upset or even angry, and not to worry about it, I will get over it and I will love them when we are off the field, and it is a function of their achievement levels relative to my expectations and what I believe are achievable standards for them. The vet battery squirrels laughed again, f’ing kids. Then later when I spoke to the vets, I asked them if at times it seemed like I had more love for the battery than the horns last season, battery vets laughed again, yeah, except one time.

I have a feeling this is something that I burned in their memory. I do remember the end saying something like don’t confuse kindness for weakness. I am sure that is like an Eleanor Roosevelt quote or some other such famous person.

I have no idea what it must be like to be on the receiving end of my scorn, but I am honest when I say after the moment it is over for me. I am too much of a positive person by nature to carry anger or hard feelings. So I gave a kid, a new kid, the stink eye when he was talking while I was talking. Later on at lunch I am walking past a bunch of kids and one stands up and looks at me with some intent. I am thinking, oh crap, this kid has a question or something, I hope I have an answer for him. It was the kid I gave the stink eye, I didn’t even remember what he looked like because he is a new potential battery member. (I saw him later in the snare auditions; kid’s got hands. He’s probably gonna make the cut) He wanted to apologize for talking during instruction 😀

Damn these kids are some of the best. I might give them that speech next time I see them.

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2 Responses to Tats, Piercings, Camp, and other Life Events :D

  1. Becca says:

    I dont think you ever yelled at me, but i always felt the love. i think it was the ice-bandanas that convinced me. ❤

  2. Armando Leon says:

    This is probably my favorite entry, I will never forget that night of memorial day camp

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