Starting Early on Auditions, the Remix

I started thinking about what to do for the next audition day. The battery will be with battery people all day so I will have the horns all morning. I also started thinking about the struggles the battery was having doing the exercise I had for them. It seemed quite achievable since they had a grid and gaks every 2 steps; just seemed appropriate pace would nail it. I was going to have the horns do some crazy drill stuff, but decided to use the same exercise with the horns that I did with the battery on Sunday.

Then I started thinking about contra basses, and what they look like at 2’s front to back; not good. So the exercise is now going to be at 3 step intervals. Then I am going to detail the platform turns on each corner. When I started think about that I realized to make this as achievable as possible I was going to have to alternate forward and backward slides to reduce the effort in direction changes. Battery crabs so no real issues there. Now I figured out what the battery issues were on Sunday. (As I said before, did not pay the attention I should have to them.) Since I kept alternating the count structure and the direction of travel, they would not know when they were going to hit the next corner! I think I do recall some of them counting out the gaks after I would give them a count structure and directions of travel, but not all of them do it. I think I caught the second foul when at the end of one of the early reps; vets were all piled up in front. I was like, vets?!, what?!

Anyway, so I figured it out. I am making dot sheets for each horn spot. I will have direction of travel, how many counts, what count to platform, new direction of travel, counts, etc. At first it seemed like it was going to be a lot of work, but then I realized how easy it was to modify for each person’s own dot/count sheet πŸ˜€

There are a lot of things I need to detail, but I also want to talk to them about the larger concepts. An interesting idea I thought of earlier is I want to share with them the idea that each of them is a little smarter than me about something. The idea I have behind that is I want to encourage more feedback. Also if we are going to be spending the next 7 and possibly 8 months together, we need to start some kind of dialogue. I will be a better instructor for them when we have better communication.

Now that I think about it, I did get some feedback from some of the rookies during lunch. I really appreciated that and it also let me know that they listened to and thought about some of things I said πŸ˜€

I hope they are taking care of business right now. I gave them a short, but very important list of things to work on until we see each other again: eat well, get stronger, and work on visual fundamentals. Some I have not stressed at all, yet, is to hydrate. I have mentioned it at least one time, but that is one of my mantras, and I hope by me always carrying around a 2 gallon water jug, they understand the importance of drinking water consistently.

Probably not; kids, meh πŸ˜€

I hope it doesn’t seem like I am being lazy. Even though we are group that provides first time serious performer experience for many of these kids, I do believe they will get more out of it if they work hard at home and improve themselves individually between rehearsals. I will definitely not bombard them with the paper I did last season πŸ˜€ But I do need to check with vets what were some, if any, valuable pieces, as I saw some had them prominently placed in their music binders. But then again, it could have just been for show πŸ˜€

Speaking of dialogue, I was thinking a few months ago I was going to ask them to journal, and even provide spiral notebooks for each of them. We as a staff all treat this experience as an educational one, and I recall doing and the value in communicating with some of my instructors in college via the journal. I will throw it out there. Oh crap, who has time for one more thing. I am sure many of them are busy with so many other things. I need to get on someone to start a 2013 FB page(s)

Well everyone that came from the school I work at made the first cut! πŸ˜€ Good for them. They sure got some darn good instruction the past two seasons πŸ˜€ I think they will convince a couple more of their friends to join in the fun. These kids, all the kids, have no idea what they are in for in so many good and life changing ways. Oh yeah, I am going to hit the mental discipline thing hard when I see them again. That and water. Oh my, and respect. We are definitely going to have a chat about respecting themselves and each other. And that there should be a certain level of care and affection they should start recognizing in each other. Everyone is giving up a little something to be there, so recognize that in each other. The confidence they will walk away with at the end of the season will be priceless! πŸ˜€

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