Certificated, Classified, Education, Status, other Crap

I think for the most part we are all on some team or another. At a school you have teachers, secretaries, custodians, administrators, etc. They are all essentially on the same team. However, due to whatever powers existed in the past they are represented by different unions.

I know some people have very strong feelings about unions. This is not the topic. I think the people that have the strongest feelings against unions do not belong to one. Okay, enough about that for now.

So the idea of status; when you separate people into different categories, some perceive that as a reason to believe things that are not inherently true. School personnel are a team. Everyone ideally is there to help all the little people advance their education. The classified are not the help for the certificated. The classified are people and should be respected and treated as such; some of them are even more “intelligent” than some of the teachers! 😀

I put words in quotations from time to time because we do not always agree on the basic definition of words. If you read my blog often enough you know that I can get geeky on words from time to time 😀

Just because you went to school longer than someone else does not automatically make you a better person, or better at all for that matter. It just means you were fortunate to have more time, money, and got through a different kind of crap to get to where you are now.

Everyone has to go through some kind of crap to get where they want to get to. Damn, I am straying too far already 😀

Truth is schools would shut down without the classified staff. They are the ones that get stuff done and keep a school running. There are sub teachers, sub administrators. There are even subs for the office and custodial staff, but those jobs are much more unique. They are the frontline of what the public sees if they happen onto a school campus. They answer the phones, they clean the restrooms; they do the basic stuff that needs to be done in order for everything else to happen.

The effectiveness of a teacher or administrator depends so much on the relationships they have with the classified staff. I do not understand why any teacher or administrator would treat them any less than they would treat another teacher or administrator. We are all peers. Education, union representation, so called “status” doesn’t mean anything when people are in a given situation trying to get stuff done.

I am very fortunate. I am not currently in a situation where I feel the classified are given nothing less than all the respect they deserve. I do know of and hear occasionally of situations where that has not always been or are the case on a day to day basis.

Some of the favorite people I work with and have worked with are the classified people. Teachers are weird 😀 Classified are more earthy. I guess one of the reasons that makes some teachers teachers is that they are a different animal inside those four walls. Outside those four walls, they are not always the best of people.

Classified are always dealing with so many different personalities all day, they have to keep it real on a minute to minute basis. They can’t assign a detention or Saturday school, or lower a person’s citizenship grade because they don’t like their attitude. They have to deal with whatever is in front and move on as quickly as possible because stuff has to get done and the longer it takes them to deal with someone else’s issue the longer it take for them to get back to doing what they need to get done.

I don’t think some teachers or administrators realize the impact the secretaries and custodians have on the students either. They are out there all day in the halls, in the offices. When kids are in trouble and have to sit in the hall, or sit in the office they are there to offer words of encouragement or advice. They are there at the start of the day and the end of the day. Many kids arrive to school as soon as or just after the gates open. The first people they see everyday are the secretaries and custodians. Many kids have to wait for rides or are in an after school program and the last persons they see leave the parking lot are the secretaries and custodians.

Anyway, point is kids are important. We all that choose to work with them should realize and appreciate whether we working directly or indirectly with students, we all impact them in some way shape or form. None of our jobs is more important than the other. Kids see faces, kids see stuff getting done, and the smarter ones know it doesn’t matter who is doing what for them, there are some adults that everyday wake up and go to work just for them 😀

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