Chat Rooms

It’s kind of funny and I never really think about it, but as hard as it might seem to believe, I can have a pretty decent conversation with just about anyone anytime. Not a big deal. Well, at least the other person has to have something to say. There are certain people you don’t want to talk to. Like if they have a total sour look, like they have a “I just ate grumpy cat” face, you probably don’t want to talk to that person 😀

Not too long ago I was hanging out with a friend and a very pretty girl caught his eye. He pointed in her direction and made some comment about her I don’t remember. Really, I don’t remember just something about how pretty she was/is 😀 Anyway I said why don’t you go talk to her. He was like, aw no can’t do that. I was like, why not, it’s really not that hard. I walked over to the girl, said hi and smiled. She said hi and smiled back, a good sign 😀 I asked her how she was doing and why she happened upon being where we were. We chatted a bit, about nothing important.

Years ago when I first got on the internet and signed on to AOL, yeah that was a long time ago 😀 I used to spend hours chatting in those chats rooms. I used to get into a lot of conversations with all kinds of different people. It was in the late 90’s and early 2000’s so it was a relativity new way of communicating with people. Some wanted to meet up. I never met up with anyone I met online. Some wanted to exchange numbers. That I did with quite a few.

I remember a few in particular. One was, at least she said she was, a professional surfer. She was lots of fun to talk to 😀 I don’t remember any particular conversation other than she did a lot of traveling and had lots of information about her surfing competitions. There was another girl from out of the area who was going to a local private university. She was interested in a lot of different things 😀 Another girl was very cute and had a website/webcam and charged people to watch her. She had a son and in between customers we would talk. Another girl went to a local state university and had a webcam too. That is all I am going to say about that 😀 I did talk to a few other girls that lived out of the area, but not too many.

So this football player who had a girlfriend, but not really because “she” wasn’t real; then she dies, but not really because she wasn’t really alive. I don’t think teams that are looking into drafting him should think too much about this. First of all, I don’t think he knew he was in a “fake” relationship. I think he thought this person was “real.” How and when he found out, I don’t know the details. I do know he continued the lie about it after he knew she was not a real person, probably because he was embarrassed about being fooled. I guess this guy, even though he was an athlete he didn’t have much experience talking with girls.

I did hear he also lied about having met her several times. Why and when he lied about that, I don’t know. That just seems plain silly for a high profile college athlete to do in this day and age. People figure stuff out way quicker than ever before.

Girls have a way of talking, a way of thinking, a way of seeing the world. Maybe the person that set up the account that fooled this football player was a girl, or the person he exchanged messages with was a girl. I don’t know. But still, to call her a girlfriend when his only communication is through the internet? I don’t think any of the girls I talked to on the internet or on the phone had any thoughts that I was their boyfriend or that they were my girlfriend, and there were quite a few intimate exchanges 😀

I do feel sorry for the guy. I used to go online for conversation, just for the conversation. I wasn’t looking to hook up, or for anything salacious. If it happened, it happened, but not because I was wanting it to be like that. I could tell some of the girls I talked to were really really interested in meeting and looking for some kind of hook up.

By the way, those of you that know, Dateline wasn’t doing the TV shows back then, but someone or some people were out there, back in the day, looking for bad guys too. There would be some ridiculous “girls” saying some really inappropriate stuff. It was kind of funny to watch guys fall for those girls. Whatever, anyways 😀

I think about some of those girls that I talked to from time to time, the ones I had actual had phone conversations with. Last time I talked to any of them I was in my early 30’s. I don’t know if it is because of my been there done that personality that I stopped or what. I think it was mostly that we had developed some kind of relationship, but that I was was not willing or interested in taking it to anything beyond what it was; two people talking on the phone.

Any who, I hope this guy, football player guy, gets through this quickly, does the interviews with the teams that are interested in drafting him and that he speaks with the ultimate in honesty and gets this behind him a.s.a.p.

I cannot imagine anything like this happening to a girl. Girls would talk to their girlfriends and they would figure it out WAY quicker that this “person” was not real 😀

Girls are better than boys 😀

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