Awesome Sauce!

I had an interesting morning at a fundraiser this morning. It was for the band I have been working with the last two years during the fall season. It was originally scheduled for December but because of some other overlapping activities it was postponed for this month. I don’t know why but I was actually feeling a little anxious about going today and not sure why. I think it was because I was expecting it to be a little more social than it turned out. Even though I can talk a lot, and even though I actually have something to say more often than not, as you know, or not, I am not a social person (I think I need to revisit this topic) It turned out to be a rather low-key affair and I really only spoke to a couple of people. I think if it had been in December the energy would have been different because of the energy that occurs at the end of every year.

So I get there and I don’t know what the two people who might be holding my tickets look like, so I sit in the car for a while. I do recognize the mom of an alumni and she’s with other family and friends. I didn’t want to bother her and I continue to sit. A freshman girl and her family pull in behind me, but since she’s a freshman I don’t want to put her on the spot, because you just don’t want to call a kid out and ask them a question if you are not sure they have the answer. I know a lot of teachers, and even other adults would disagree. It is not a good feeling to be asked a question and not have an answer.

It just occurred to me that this girl has been active all year in the fundraisers. She probably would have known who I was looking for. Oh well. I was actually I little concerned at the time of how few people I was seeing. It was 8 AM and that’s what time it said the fundraiser started. What the heck time do people eat breakfast? I am up at 5:30 AM every day and am washing my breakfast dishes by 6:30 AM. Yeah I know, some people think that’s early. It’s all about perspective. Like these past few days I wasn’t getting wet outside. I was FEELING the rain (Bob Marley)

Finally I see a senior. He’s has got to know who I am looking for. I call him over. I realize later why he was looking like he wasn’t too happy to see me. He is one of about a half dozen kids who said they were going to come out and be a part of the Sunday gig thing I talked about yesterday. He never showed up, or contacted me about not being able to make it. A few others did contact me about reasons and circumstances that changed and that they were no longer going to be able to participate. No big, it happens. We call that life.

I am not going to bust anybody’s chops. People say things and don’t follow through all the time, kids especially. It is so annoying when “grown-ups” say things and don’t follow through. Anyways he was one of the few people I talked to this morning. He did bring up tomorrow, as in am I excited about it. I said yes, I was very excited about it. And that was it.

So the lady I need to see is inside. So embarrassing when people know your name and you don’t know their face. Well you know what. I am walking and running around on a field under stadium lights. Parents and boosters sit in the stands in the shadows, kinda hard to see faces. That’s all I am saying.

So this breakfast turned out to be a great deal. I was expecting to get a couple of plate sized pancakes and that was about it, maybe coffee. It turns out I got THREE pancakes! Not plated sized though but they were heavy, in a good way. Plus crispy potatoes (just the way I like them!), a huge scoop of scrambled eggs, and 3 strips of bacon! PLUS coffee AND OJ (all you could drink)! I was loaded when I finished all that!

So serving were 3 girls from the band and 2 moms. It gave me a great feeling as I watched the girls serve throughout the hour or so that I was there. I was thinking that in 20 or so years from now they, the girls, would probably be doing a similar sort of volunteer activity for their kids. I am so blessed to work with and to know so many outstanding young humans! And the two 7th graders that participated last Fall with the high school color guard program and the 10 year sister of one of them were there too. They quickly ate and then got water pitchers and cups and napkins and walked around giving people water, refilling cups, giving out extra napkins, and taking away people’s trash as the people finished their meals. Love those kids! One of them came to check on me 4 or 5 times! The last time she came I told her that normally after a meal like this I would tip the waitress 5 dollars. She said that there was a donation jar at the check-in table. I told here is $5, if it doesn’t make it the donation jar I am totally cool with that. She took it and marched straight to the jar and told the ladies where it came from. THESE KIDS ARE AWESOME! I am sure anyone of those kids that came to help would have done the same thing.

All the adults that came to help are exceptional also. I am very fortunate. I told those kids at least once the past season, and many of them do recognize, that they have outstanding booster support. There are even adults there that don’t even have kids in the program anymore!

Awesome day! Got more awesome lined up for me tonight and tomorrow will be dripping in awesome sauce! Love you guys. Thanks and see you soon 😀

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