It’s a New Day!

Today got off to a good start, but like I always say it could have been better; I could have been better. I typically get up at least an hour before I have to leave and go somewhere. My typical wake up time during the week is 5:30am. The absolute latest I can leave and be on time is 7:30am. It gives me lots of time to get stuff done if I want to. I usually leave between 6:00am and 6:30am which gives me time to make breakfast and do a little cleanup around the house.

One of my beautiful and awesome friends (and all my friends are beautiful/handsome and awesome) 😀 texted me the other day about going hiking this morning. I was down. She wanted to start at 6:00am which meant I needed to leave the house at 5:30am. Not a problem. I decided 5:00am was a perfectly fine time to wake up. Wrong. Because of habits, I didn’t leave until 5:45am, but since the trail was only 10 miles away I was still on time. That’s the other thing I do. I plan to get places early, where ever I happen to have to be, give myself cushion for the unplanned 😀

It is still dark when we start but twilight soon comes. That’s one of the reasons I like getting up early during the week. I like to see the sky before the sun breaks the horizon. Because of the recent rains, the canyons and hills are very green and covered with wild flowers, and the various trees and bushes look very full. L.A. is about 30 miles away from Claremont and as we get close to the peak of the trial you can see the downtown skyscrapers like the Emerald City. Even on a cloudy morning the sight is quite striking, along with the surrounding valleys, hills, and mountains.

We finish the 5 mile trail in about 2 hours. Yeah I know. What can I say; we are both of a certain vintage and that is okay time for us. We head off to the Claremont village for breakfast at a very charming café. In the course of conversation we start talking about old and current words and expressions. I mention to her about me talking with some students recently and using the expression “drinking the kool-aid.” I realized I needed to explain what that meant, but since I was trying to make a point, I quickly went back to what that exact point was and I will go back and clarify what “drinking the kool-aid” means. Early I said I was down; I wanted to text back when she hit me up and a hike “I’m down, foo” but she told me recently that she just found out what MILF meant, so I didn’t want to throw too much at her in a short text 😀 Later before we continued our morning with a walk through the village I posted a picture of a sign in front of the café with the café’s name and captioned it “after hike noms.”

My friend works at a private college that is nearby and we meander the village streets and admire everything. Claremont was founded in the late 1800’s and has preserved many original buildings and houses; it is, if you’re into that kind of stuff, quite the sight. We reach the college and she takes me on a tour. The college was established in 1887 and there is quite a bit to see. The architecture of the original buildings is striking and back in the day art was a little more important so there are lots of murals and sculptures to visually take in.

After about 5 hours now of hiking and chatting, eating and chatting, and walking and chatting we head back to our cars. I like the fact that I keep a conversation going. She had plans for her afternoon as she is a wife and a mother. I had plans too, but nothing beyond cleaning the house and figuring out some food thing for later in the evening.

Thank you so much readers for the likes and the views. I am always open to suggestion for blogs topics. I am interested to know what you are interested and I know I typically write in the briefest of detail. If there is any blog you’d like to hear more about, happy to do that also 😀

Enjoy, live, love!


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