How to make IT Happen

Okay, I think my preparation for my Sunday gig is getting better. Of course their response to my instruction will be the ultimate decider in whether I done good or not, Well, yes and no, because my ability to adjust on the fly. Oh well, either way I am feeling good about what I’ve got so far.

I took the car in today to get smogged. Some engine sensors needed to be replaced before I could have it smogged so I had a few extra hours today that I used to plan for Sunday.

I found a document that I hit them with early last season. The judging sheets were redone before last season and I pulled key words of the visual sheets for them to think about, the large concepts. I am going to print and give each person a copy of this and something with more detail, which I will list and talk about later.

Engaging and communicating with the audience, in short, perform. Throw yourself out there, they will love you that much more. Emotional commitment, the audience/judges want to feel your performance. It’s either a love story or pirates music, mostly pirate music. Make their timbers shiver! Clarity of form, body and equipment, basically everyone at any given point should all look the same within each section, and if not, it should be very obvious also. Consistency and precision throughout the ensemble; the biggest problem we have here, typically, are two. The first part of the show you have worked on for a longer period of time, so it looks and sounds better. Also stamina has been an issue in the past, so you looked sounded tired at the end of the show. I don’t want that to be an issue this season. Concentration, stamina, and recovery; if you sharpen your mental focus that will enable you to push through stamina issues. Recover simply means you recognize error and make corrections. The faster you do that, the more points you will earn. Then the bottom line; all performances are judged with the expectation that you are looking to present excellence, and they will judge you on where you fall short. Key words: Box 3 sometimes, Box 4 usually, Box 5 ALWAYS 😀

The details that will make all of the above happen: Conditioning; you HAVE to be in shape, the best shape of your lives. The carriage and posture has to be flawless and look effortless. Forward stride must have maxed 45 degree toe heights AT ALL STEP SIZES. You have to nail the “and” count as the leg travels through what ever direction they are going. It’s all about the foot timing. You have to nail all halts from your center, as with step offs too. Back stride needs to be absolute straight leg. Direction changes need straight legs and proper foot timing in and out. Slides need absolute upper body relaxation and painful, uncomfortable lower bodies. Form is a priority to all other visual responsibilities, therefore, where is the dress point. What is the interval, spatial relationship to the next person or people, what is the pathway. Finally, is ensemble rehearsal etiquette maxed? If you’re talking, you’re not maxing your gig.

The drill exercise that I have planned to start the block are basically floating pinwheels.
I am going to start with the snares and will have 5 sets of 8 dots painted. They’ll be set at 2’s and then the tenors I will set at 4’s as there are only 4 of them. I thought about painting 3 step dots, but then I thought, naw 😀 There are 6 basses I will be setting them at 2’s and have them take the middle 6 dots of the 8. Hornline I will mix and match depending on who shows up. I know 5 already have other commitments that day, but we are also going to see new people and others that missed two weeks ago should be there Sunday. As I like to say, I will figure it out 😀

I was thinking of not having battery with equipment but the horns with. Second thought, since it will be a learning drill situation, no equipment. If they look proficient enough after a couple of reps, we’ll pick up equipment. The first chunk that I will rap at them will be about the concepts from the judges sheets then we’ll do the drill exercise. Run, water then the detailed info. Maybe another run water, then get into the soul train lines. We’ll do some forward, some back, and some forward/back exercises. Like forward 16, back 8, leaving every 24. Do a easy tempo and do some reps with velocity. I am only painting 6 yardlines so they will end on the 16 count phrase. 4 sets of 16.

That should take up most of my 2 hours. Final rap and cut them loose for lunch.

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