Summer Tour ’87 Part 1

I don’t know if this is cheating but I have been meaning to digitize the 3 journals I kept as a member the last 3 of 5 years I marched drum corps. Anyways in this post when I () means I am adding to the original text. Happy reading 😀

Part 1 of 7 😀

June 28th 1987 East L.A.(College Stadium)
Hey, like I’m on the bus. Me and Andy walked. Not like Egyptians but it was still kinda cool, anyway. Ellis (my seat partner) is here. Debbie’s is here too! (Someone is playing) All Knight Long. (Memories of 1984, first year we made finals.) James and his tiger-striped bead, Mike pop-locking us to respect. Pam jams is here. Jerry and Greg are in the front. This (seating arrangements) is definitely interesting. Ryan (drum major, age-out) and Janelle (16 year old rookie) Poor girl. We burned the show last night in Riverside (as always) We might, might have had less blatant errors tonight but there was definitely not enough electricity. Spread between us and BD opened up. Oh well. Tammy was here (at the show) again. I used to have such a crush on her. Our bus won’t start (OMG first paragraph and bus issues, F) If we had our old buses (1954 greyhounds) we could have pushed start it, but we got these new ones with safety locks in case we lose pressure on a downgrade. Saw Anita and Steve (1984 age-outs, 8 and 10 year vets, badass) Why would someone want to read over someone’s shoulder while they write? (Mike) Mike’s got his own seat. That’s cool. We were supposed to leave a ½ hour ago. VK on the side of the road (smh) Well actually we haven’t even left the parking lot yet. F, man.

(Saw) Chico (Dave G) (He) wants to march. (No snare spots) He messed up. We all make mistakes. The idea is to learn from them.

They’re gonna try pushing (the bus) again. It worked! Yeah!

Fuck! I can’t sleep. Ellis is a nice guy but I’d rather be sleeping with a girl. (He was supposed to sit with Monique. Something happened) Mo f’d him. He’s got a good attitude about it.

Friday July 3rd
In San Diego. It’s been an interesting day. Debbie (a really sweet, innocent girl 18) and Jesse (kinda scummy, trashy, but charismatic guy 21, are now sitting together) I don’t know (about that arrangement) Could be (an odd couple) Should go wash my face.

Saturday July 4th Cal State L.A.
Debbie’s too cool. She’s not a chocolate chip cookie anymore (something I use to call her because she is so sweet and wholesome) Janelle can be C.C.C. Kenny has been stressing about Laura (girlfriend at home who knows there’s a guard girl with her eye on Kenny and we’re going on the road soon.) I can’t believe the schedules we’ve had the past couple of weeks. In our quest for rehearsal time sleep and eat time has gone out the window. If Debbie keeps letting happen what been happening really happen I’m going to throw up, puke, yak, blow chunks. Mostly on her (but him too) Maylee has said hi to me 3x since we’ve been in the bus. Why can’t I be normal? Do I really want to be Sharon’s friend or not? We always antagonize each other. She said she was sorry. Pam is so pretty and she is so consistently nice. I am doing better (physically) but my lips feel tight. (People are) making fun of Bobby H (Show Designer) Thanks for the show but my performance makes it a reality.

Clash – the plaid and polka dots. Malcolm and white chicks. Wonder how much of the game I am going to watch tonight (Taped the 87 finals Lakers/Boston, LA won in 6 games) Burned out, burned up, burned around. Talk loud or never be heard.

July 10th bus in bingo hall parking lot
Our Magical Mystery Tour has begun. Sharon wrote (me) a little (letter) already. (we started writing notes back in forth to start better communication) A note is waiting for Frannie (from me) (We’re on the road now) Bus has stopped for a second time (bus issues, smh) Pam is 20 today. Wow. She’s so nice to me (Oh our first encounter last year, Ray was a dick) I really don’t know why – other than obvious reasons. I wish Denise was here. Got a good one-liner off with Leslie ( I was walking down the aisle wearing a large cardboard star on my chest. She said, I didn’t do it sheriff. I said, you wanna? Hahaha)

July 11th After Sacramento (Show)
I am so stressed. (?) What an illusion I create (?)

July 12th Santa Clara (CA)
Got (another) show tonight. Another chance to perform. Hit the aisle (for sleep) the past couple of nights. Must I be a man in a suitcase. (Scores) keep going up. Could go so far (with this show) How far – we decide!

July 13th Stockton
Did a workout this morning (before the corps woke up) Burned a show (last night, but) spread between us and BD went from 5 to 8 (points) Leslie wrote me two notes (I fell behind writing back) My t-shirt is laying on a pile of grass on the field – it’s a hype, pffhhh. (grass people)

July 14 Fresno
I blew chunks after warm-ups. Actually it was after my morning workout before the corps wakes up. I have been getting in people’s faces if I think they aren’t maxing their gig (basically when they are ticking) A lot of people are getting very intense. This is the first time I have no clue about what I belong to; how good are we? What is our final destination? I’ve felt this way for a couple of days.

Argh! I am on page 10 of a 50 page journal! I will continue on Monday 😀

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