Summer Tour 1987 Part 2

Sorry Readers. Monday and yesterday were hella busy. Back to old journal 😀

July 14th Tuesday Santa Clara, CA
There are billions and billions of cheerleaders all over the school today. Some kind of camp apparently. So glad most guys seemed focused and not distracted with all these kids running around. Okay, lunchtime and a bunch of people are in the gym paying volleyball. Staff changed the beginning of closer because Drum Solo is a 10 and the beginning of closer is not. So now we start way mellow, ballad like. The faces change but the people are the same. Steve Childs is a prototype stereotypical soprano player. Sharon has been waking up early with me and jamming on the workouts. I am really impressed with her effort. It is tough enough getting up before everyone else, let alone motivated to workout. I’ve been kind of nicer to Frannie. Leslie definitely has dude problems. Actually most girls are having dude problems right now.

July 15the Wednesday Santa Clara, CA
Ryan (DM) want to talk to us this morning. Ellis still hasn’t found another seat ( I am trying to get him out so Denise can sit with me) Didn’t workout this morning; body is in too much pain. Everybody seems to be dragging ass this morning. We are getting clean up duties assigned for the rest of tour. I should have gone and taken a shower when Jerry went. Oh wait, he didn’t go. Maylee is here. Well Denise says she wants to sit with Dana and we will get together whenever we can get together. That’s cool

Destination? ———Unknown!

Warmups!———-WOOSH—————–GOT TO GO!!!!!

Dinner was cut 15 minutes. Oh well, that’s life in the Drum Corps Lane.

Ended Field Ensemble rehearsal because it got too dark and we don’t have lights. Pam jams poked her eye with her equipment because she couldn’t see it after a toss. Jerry and Maylee are stressing about who is putting more effort into the relationship. Kenny’s stressing too; Sharon, Laura. Sigh I needed to do better today. I’ll kick myself in the ass twice tomorrow.

Nancy wants to make sure she is in my journal. Okay. Great legs, butt, teeth, and smile. Kick ass personality and definitely has brains 😀

Sharon’s been really stressed since the beginning of tour. She won’t talk about it to anyone. I wounder why? It is not like we are her friends or anything. Me and Kenny had some fun with that 😀 Laura is coming up with Kenny’s parents this weekend.

July 16th Thursday Travis, CA
Sharon woke me up this morning to workout. She startled me and I almost took a swing at her. I said thank you instead, as that seemed more socially acceptable. She was telling me about how out of it she feels. I told her yeah we can all tell; not her usual up for anything tour-self, as I know her anyways——got to go hype!!!

I gave Sharon a letter. Jay (visual tech) gave me shit for being outta phase during basics. Haha, I was messing with him. He was pissed. I showed him what outta phase was ———–

I saw Nancy talking with a drummer alone in a dark corner 😀 That was kinda cute. Me and Denise, well yeah 😀

July 17th Friday Travis, CA
I asked Jerry to wake me up at 7AM because I wanted to call home and clean my horn. I decided to do neither because I would just ask them to send me more money or stuff and my horn would get dirty before the show tonight. I will shower with it before the show. Worked out instead. Sharon is in serious pain, really sick with something. It is going to be hard to get well on tour but she will do it. She’s tough, tougher than me. Maybe too tough, but what does that mean. I have been nicer to Frannie. It’s nice to be nice 😀

July 18th Saturday On the way to Concord, CA

July 19th Sunday On the way to Ogden, UT
Killed at the shows this weekend. Spread between us and BD went down a point to 7. Saw Mom and Pop last night; I love them, they love me; it’s a mutual kinda thing 😀 Scott is f’ing with Ryan, putting cookies in his mouth while he sleeps (Don’t EVER be the first to fall asleep on the bus) Janelle is f’ing with something above my seat. Been talking to Leslie a lot more lately. She is so bad. I love her notes before shows. Jerry thinks I am a dog. AnnMarie is so sweet. Michelle broke up with Devin. Poor Devin. Denise rode with me last night 😀

Staff is really starting to beat on us during rehearsals, even show days. Just making us tougher. Most people are pushing through the fatigue and pain well.

OMG SO MANY STOPS AT TRUCK STOPS!!! My buses brakes got fried last night. Jerry just came by; he is so cool. I wish I had my act together as well as he does. Looks like people are heading to the bus. WOW!! Michelle and Jennifer came by and XOXO’d me in stereo. That was awesome!!! 😀

July 20th Monday Bountiful, UT
Denise rode with me the from the last stop to here. I’m pretty damn happy. Ruben (guard tech) was giving me crap at the truck stop last night. He always does; I wonder why, but I don’t. I am writing in a nice shady area in the front of the school.

Time to be badass

26 hour bus ride, no rehearsal time-only ensemble, bus body-no flat time, 40 mph wind gusts, YES!!!

Show is on a rain delay. Lot’s of water in the air and I am not talking about peeing in the wind. They are going to cancel the show?! NOOOOOOOOO LET US OUT OF HERE!!! YES!! HERE WE GO!! I LOVE UTAH!!!!

It rained and rained and rained during our show. People fell, tripped, slipped, slid, and ticked. Guess what? We went up a point. DCI scores in mysterious ways 82.5 whatever that means. Next show is an exhibition. Laundry day has been moved back and that has caused a lot of stress.

Sharon and I had a long talk after the show. Ugh, lights out. Gave Frannie a peck on the cheek going to my opening set. She gave me a hug in the end zone after the show (gross, I was all sweaty!)

(Well, got to page 20! 30 more to go!!)

Thank you readers 😀

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