Summer Tour 1987 Part 3

July 21st Tuesday Bountiful, UT
It’s a weird day. Thunderstorms all over early this morning. Lots of people getting up way late. I didn’t get to bed until 2AM 😀 Writing Leslie a note and Maylee wanted me to write in her journal.

Kenny was pissed off at warmups because of someone. I am not doing anyone any more favors until I get some back. Kenny hates tuna mouth – sandwich, that is. AGHHH!!! Nobody knows the schedule!!! BLAH No hot lunch because of all the rain. IT HAS BEEN RAINING SINCE WE WOKE UP!!! Figure it out moms. Sigh

I didn’t shower this morning and I feel so dirty. Body is wasted and tired. Rehearsal was really intense in the morning block. You can tell everyone is pushing really hard to be better. Very productive morning. We have never been this good before. Watching people play volleyball again during lunch. Gah! Time to hype.

Ensemble was awesome. Went to the store and bought a gallon of Gatorade and 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Gotta go back to workouts in the mornings.

July22nd Wednesday Bountiful, UT
Washed clothes. Sharon is back to normal health again. Good to see her feeling better. Frannie is still way too nice to me. The whole corps washed all our clothes in 2 ½ hours, a new record. I talked with some of the horn staff while my clothes were in the machines. They were very serious about us being able to take out some of the big boys this season. Ensemble tonight from 6:30 to 9:00 then off to Glenwood Springs, CO at 11:00.

July 23rd Thursday Glenwood Springs, CO
Staff gave us a ½ day off. Here we come Colorado! Leslie busted up her arm at rehearsal last night. Won’t be getting any notes from her for a while. Tour is really starting to wear some people out, including this guy. Leslie looks so stressed.

Ha! Staff wants to drink and gave us the whole day off! BD is here too, but only gets 2 hours off (That’s why they win) We visited 5 places (bars) today 😀 Brentwood, Rollo, Ellis, Kenny, Jerry, and Maylee were the partners in crime today.

Lots of guys got their ears pierced today. Omg, Jessica! What was with those happy hands?! Oh well, that was cool 😀 Joanne is so sweet. She always makes me feel good 😀

We sucked tonight. Too bad. We went on last and BD and SCV were all in the end zone watching our show. That was kinda cool. At least it was only an exhibition. We better kick some ass at Drums Along the Rockies. Adam and Shawn (rookies) followed me after the show when I was trying to find some alone time, which is almost impossible on tour. We talked, they had some good questions. I hope I helped. Adam and Janelle have been spending a lot of time together lately since Janelle told her at home BF it was over. Adam and Janelle, 16 and 16 that’s 32! I really like those kids 😀 Kenny is sitting with Nancy now. Pam has something she wants to talk about and said she will come sit with me later. Hmmm
July 24 Friday Lyons, CO
Right now we think we are hot. Saturday night we will find out. Drummers look for keys like horn players look for valve oil. Time to get nice—–showers!

Can see thunderstorms all over the horizon but not near us, but there are these really rad clouds all over and the sun cutting through everywhere over us. If God lives in the USA, He lives in Colorado. Everybody seems very focused on killing it Saturday. That’s good. Michelle stressed on me later when I didn’t give her a hug during rehearsal (wtf) I am way too gross during rehearsal to be touching anybody. How do they expect us to keep the school clean when we can’t find a trash can?!

Played the first part of the opener outside after midnight. We could hear the echo for at least 16 counts 😀

July 25th Lyons, CO
Called my parents at 12AM because I wanted to make sure they knew I loved them. I don’t call them much when I am on the road. I have got to be MAXED today. SHOW DAY!!! Astroturf –tennis shoes—all the big boys are here tonight. All of my experience is on the line tonight. I have to make a personal statement because I make a difference, in a big way, because I am a badass. One of the contras gave me a headbutt this morning. Awesome. Everyone hypes in their own way.

July 26th Lyons, CO
Slammed Troopers by 13 pts, Sky Ryders by 9. Cavies was only 3 pts up and BD 5. I don’t think anyone thought we would be this good this year. We have so much further to go with this show! We have the most entertaining show in DCI (imho) Everyone has been very quiet lately. I am not sure if it is fatigue, focus or a combination. I have definitely noticed that everyone seems to be channeling more effort to focus their energy. Staff has been pushing us too, and they are not going to let up. I have been at a higher level before, but only on a personal level. I wonder if they are going to have a hot meal tonight. We haven’t had a hot meal in over 2 weeks. Ha! They’ll probably give us hot sandwiches (not funny)

July 27th Omaha, NB
12 hour bus ride. Oh boy. Leslie wrote me a letter. I have to write back. Had a good chat with Janelle. Pam and I had our talk. Maylee says she wants to sit with me. What about Jerry? Hahaha 😀 Yesterday Maylee gave me a slightly uncomfortable long hug. Lasagna for dinner! YAY!!! Hot food! Go figure it was one of the hotter days this year. I got some nutter butters, chewy chip o’hoy, 7up, and pepsi. Nutrition at it’s finest. Everyone seems fatigued. So what, deal with it.

The Midwest sucks, but at least it is consistent. 105 degress and humid. There is a breeze but it is way too soft. I drank six 8 ounce juices this morning and I am soooooo glad. I got really pissed off at the battery during the morning block again. They are consistent too. One thing about the Midwest though, very intelligent drum corps audiences.

ARGH!!! Did a crappy show, but we still went up a point. 84.5 DCI scores in mysterious ways.

PAGE 30 readers! 20 more to go!!!! Thank you 😀

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