Summer ’87 Part 5

August 1st Saturday DuBois, PA
Well apparently the drum bus lost it’s steering column and drove off the highway into a ditch about 20 ft down. Good thing all those trees were there otherwise it probably would have rolled over. I see people climbing up. No shut up. They are not bleeding. It’s mud. Wait. No, not blood, mud. Looks bad. Some people seem really shaken up, some people looked pissed. I am pissed. I wonder if we were are going to be able to pull off a show tonight. I am hungry, and I am pissed off. This was an unforced error. They tried fixing the steering column yesterday with a belt. Seriously, a man’s belt. Raggity ass drum corps. Someone is going to catch a lot of shit for this crash. If we can’t perform tonight I WILL BE IRRATE!!! Ugh, survivors filling the aisles, damn aisle people. Well, not their fault. I should try and go back to sleep. Before falling asleep I talked with Kenny, Jerry, and Maylee about us, friends.

There is a reason they tell us to wear shoes all the time. Because dilwads like Jesse drop glass bottles. Dick, and go put on your shoes. Only required two ambulances and one police car to take people to get checked out at the hospital. I hope they come back soon. I hate marching holes. Betcha Randy feels like shit (he’s the guy that used his belt to “fix” the problem) Sun is coming up. Not enough sleep, ugh.

Wow, those green shorts are awesome. No you’re fine, you don’t need to move 😀 VK on the side of the road, again, F! We took over a local restaurant. Well, most of us anyways. Too many of us. Moms are pitching in and helping serve and bus tables. Awesome!!! 😀 Yes, more coffee please. Dutch Pantry is the name of the place. On my 3rd breakfast 😀 Everyone is back, all okay to perform. Another bus is coming. Contacted show site, we will go on last if we can make it in time. Gonna go help get all the crap off the drum bus. Sigh

OMG!!! WE MADE IT (Allentown, PA). THEY ARE ALL STANDING UP AND WE HAVENT EVEN GOTTEN OFF THE BUS YET!! THIS IS AWESOME. Already dressed, we are just going to run on the field and perform. I love this 😀

August 2nd Sunday Pittsfield, MA
Called home between morning block and afternoon block. I think I sounded depressed, very depressed. The usual reasons, tour is an ass kicker. I think they picked up on that. AGH Showtime time. Badass.

Almost as much stress in the corps as there was rain tonight. Damn it, I have enough friends, I don’t need any more. The school we stayed at was a maze. So Pam and Scott macked. I lost track it is either number 3 or 4 for her. Whatever. We could win the show tonight. Maylee is mad at Jerry, again. I am thirtsy. I have a cooler full of Capri Sun 😀 Gonna suck a couple down. Rain is coming down harder, wonder if they are going to cancel the show. Oh crap the bus door just opened!!! Make it happen!!!

Ha! We got to do a standstill, the field was a lake. We didn’t max it out though, some timing issues in the production number. I could also hear some clarity issues and some missed notes throughout the show. It’s just rain people, wtf. Overall we did okay, there were a lot of water issues. I ticked too. I talked with Michelle, everything is okay between us. I have been feeling sorry for myself lately. Brentwood came on the bus and saw Adam and Shawn’s seat and was complaining about all the bikini girl pictures pasted everywhere, then he saw Jennifer and Michelle’s seat with all the Beef Cake pics. That is more his style. I have to make sure to call home tomorrow and try to sound cheerful. OMG!!! Our bus smells so bad!

August 3rd Monday Seaside Park, NJ 😀 (day off)
Well to be consistent we had a hell of time getting the day off the ground. Me, Maylee, Jerry, Kenny, and Steve T rented a motel room for $70. We took showers then went to buy a case (soda?) We all had a couple then went to the boardwalk for lunch. Beach was closed, medical waste (go figure, NJ) We went to place called the Wine Celler, we all got burgers and soup, mine was French Onion 😀 We went back to the buses for another change of clothes and saw Ryan, Debbie, Nancy, Paul, and Monique. Went back to the motel room and had more drinks. Went to wash some clothes, took clean stuff back to the room, then a couple more (sodas?) Saw Brentwood, Brenda, David, Devin, and Dawn.

It’s night now and Kenny, Steve T and I are on a pizza/garlic bread mission. We take that back to the room and finish the case. Was quite an interesting day on an East Coast beach for the day. Oh, we got soft ice creams while we were washing clothes. It was tough to buy (sodas?) today. We got it done! The room had a color TV, we watched some MTV and CNN. Also had A.C. which was great cuz it was HOT today.

Rest stop. Gotta pee.

Maylee and I spent some time alone in the room today. That was nice. Ellis and Maylee have a serious conflict. Major stress on the Eagle (another bus) Everybody is tripping out because the bus drivers were drinking (all the bus drivers were, volunteers not professionals, not an excuse, just saying) Robert got more earrings today.

August 4th Tuesday Allentown, PA
We are in dorms at some private college. This place is fancy. Marble bathrooms, but the furniture looks like it is from an I Love Lucy set, but it is well taken care of. Canadian Knights are here too. This drum corps is very burned out. We need to all dig down and rise to the occasion. Rehearsal 11:30-4:00 then we are off to Westchester, PA for the Crossman show. We haven’t done the Crossman show in 3 or 4 years. I saw Nancy’s mom smoking for the first time. Tour is getting to the moms too. I wonder if Nancy knows, not that it matters. Canadian Knight’s pit woke me up and almost put me back to sleep 😀 I gotta go pee

Ha! Turns out I did a 3 😀 Quite a spicy aroma. Probably all the pizza and garlic bread from last night 😀 OMG my lips have almost been feeling normal today. They hurt so bad for so long. Guess they got used to being beat up. I am sitting alone on the 3rd floor of the dorms in a living room kinda space. There are 2 windows, it’s a corner room. Kenny called Laura earlier. She called me a dog from 3,000 miles away 😀 Kenny thought that was funny. Time to see who wants this gig maxed ME!!!!!!!!

Rehearsal was a bag of shit. I was a bag of tootsie rolls (what does that mean?) We are scary right now because regardless of how we rehearse, when we pull into shows there is killer intensity and we knock out badass performances. High energy and intensely entertaining!

Readers, I apologize. I missed counted the pages and I have 20 more to go! There are all some letters/thoughts people shared with me at the time I wrote this journal. I will continue tomorrow and hopefully be done by tuesday. Thank you all 😀

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