Summer Tour ’87 Part 6

August 5th Wednesday Butler, PA
Mike (snare) is playing on a metal rail in the hallway, F! Drummers gotta drum. No showers at this school. Sweet, hose showers in our boxers. Not enough room in the gym because we are staying at an elementary school. Why do you have to ask Eddie to smile? He has Joanne 😀 Wow, I can hear them from here (?) My throat is really, really bothering me right now. Janelle came by my seat last night when stuff was happening. She seemed pretty casual about it.

We are rehearsing at a park. Beno and Jay (visual instructors) gave me shit about the way I was coming out of the big band set into the next. WTF! I have been doing the same thing all season and they each told me something different. F them. I should go pee.

August 6th Thursday Bloomington, IN (Maylee writes this) I Love You Jerry!
(Jerry writes this) JERRY”S INPUT
Hey there, well since I’m here I thought I’d write some stuff that’s in my head. If it is reall bitter, weird, stupid, or etc., that’s because I’m bitter, weird, etc.

I wanna go home and be away from all this shit, ya know what I mean? I just want to let the all the problems blow away. That’s why I am so burnt. Last show was cool! 89.something! Wow! What a blast. I guess it would be hypocritical for me to be all hyped but fuck it. I’M ME!!! I am not all to jazzed about tour but scoring great sure makes it feel better, ya know??

Drum Corps sure is a big mind fuck, it is like a love/hate relationship. It teaches you a lot about life and at the same time it will kick your ass all over the U.S. I feel for all the guys and girls who are being done wrong and not treated right by others on this tour. That’s another reason for all the burn out. It hurts me to see others hurt. Maybe I am too compassionate but I feel I’m more human than others will let themselves be. More male bonding bullshit. It is not cool to love your fellow human especially when that fellow is a member of the same sex. God will man/womankind ever grow up from such bullshit prejudices?? Are you freakin’ out yet? You’re calm, cool, and collected ray, you always will be too. I really admire you. You’re a good friend and I mean that. Thank you for being there for me. I have a problem when I talk sometimes I say things I don’t mean and everyone gets bent out of shape. I figured out that if a person likes to live with their mouth open will eventually get some flies caught in it. So from now on I’ll just shut up. Thanks for letting me spill some blood on your book. I’ll write more later. Love Jerry.

(Back to me)
I had a whopper with Kenny an RC and a 32 oz. gatorade. Very productive rehearsal, but still seemed to lack a little something. We see Star tonight for the first time. Will we be good enough to beat them? Let’s do it! Kick it out Homeboy!!!

Gah! Didn’t beat Star (their home show) but 88.4 to 88.8 isn’t much difference. We can take them and Spirit and then go after Madison. Jerry is being a dick again, it’s not me. At least he and Maylee are doing better. Lots of people f’ing around in this fieldhouse. It’s past two in the morning and I don’t see any grown ups. There are at least 6 drum corps in here. The field house is connected to Assembly Hall (we were staying at the University of Indiana) Gonna go take my ball down there and shoot some hoops.

Aug 7th Friday Bloomington, IN
(Ellis writes this) CHIEF BASS-LINE by Ellis D. Carter III
My Version:
Oh course I have a lot to say. If I had time I would a 100 page report for you about you and this raggity ass drum corps. First I will start with you homeboy! You need to change those stupid eyeglass frames. Get with it! These are the 80’s! Get some hip ones!!! Well at least you are a Laker’s fan! Oh yeah man! Start wearing some in fashion clothes that match for once. I guess because I see you only in the summer you’re a t-shirt and shorts guy to me only. You talk cool and you seem to be able to hang with me and the brothas and you turn around and mingle with those southern california white boys pretty easy. I always wondered how you would act around some true varrio mexican homeboys (quite the same actually) Your hair is cool, but I would perm it and cut it. Anyway that’s enough about you. You’re still my buddy, but you will always be the DOG KING!!!

So far this year I have had a great time. And just think I was a day from quitting back at John Glenn high school. Malcolm walks up to me and says, guess what? We’re scrapping the whole drill and Steve Bread (visual caption head) is outta here. Boy!, was I stressing. But now we’re scoring 89’s and 88’s this week so far. I’m glad I made the right choice and stayed. I’ll never consider myself a good vet like yourself because if the ship is sinking you can bet your ass I stay smart and find another one that floats and gives you two pieces of meat for your sandwich. You should know by next year I’ll probably be drum major. And don’t worry, next season I promise I will not ignore you and I’ll talk to you at shows and share my poptarts with you.

In conclusion, enjoy the real world because I will. Stay away from drum corps (lol) Right now you know what’s weird. I just figured out Debbie really like Malcolm, but Malcolm is still in love with that Wisconsin chick. Oh well! They’ll both have to figure it out. I will always be hoping for them to get together. I don’t know why but I am really starting to like Nancy but if she didn’t care for me I would not want to lose her friendship. So maybe I am destined for someone else. You homeboy, I don’t know. I predict you will get married within a year and a half (never happened)

August 8th Saturday Marion, OH
Flat show. F!!!!!! 86.7 (prelims) I am going to take care of this tonight. Debbie has been very sweet and considerate. Was very nice to Pam last night. E=MC2 it is all relative. Called the house at 6AM their time. Big girls, big bags. I can hear people bullshitting, but I appreciate the consistency.

Went up almost 3 points. 89.6 (finals) We should have broke 90. If we don’t do it at Port Huron (MI) then when?6 through 8 spot are up in the air between us Star and Madison. Nancy’s chilling with me.

Last of this old journal on Tuesday!!! Thank you readers 😀

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