Summer Tour ’87 Part 7

August 9th Sunday Marion, OH
Woke up and saw people church. Made me feel kinda dirty and trashy them looking all dressed up and clean. There’s a restaurant nearby, Ike’s. Kenny wants to take me and get the breakfast special (we did!). Thunderstorms were really intense last night. Rehearsal sucked, but I think it was because of a lack of food, decent rest, and LOTS of rain.

We did get a chance to ensemble music and works out some blend/balance/dynamics issues. When we did get a chance on the field we worked the crap out of the opening box rotation/expansion. Looks really clean on the inside. Seems like we are all nailing the terror turn too.

August 10th Monday Port Huron, MI
Haven’t written much lately because there is not much to write. I am tired of talk and words. Let’s do this! Max it out!

It has been a different drum corps this season. Tolerance for error has been extremely low. Many are carrying themselves with a killer attitude. Tonight is the last time we see Star before Madison (WI) It will be our last time to make a statement before Finals. Word on the street is we have the better show. We need to prove that. Jerry really tore into his knee yesterday when we were trying to clean the terror turn. (a half count 180 degree turn, and playing on 1 right after) They put him in a brace and he sat on the sideline the rest of the block.  He says he is doing the show tonight.

I don’t understand all the attention I have been getting lately, but I will deal with it very effectively, thank you very much.

Well, we finally broke 90. What a trip. I still think it took too long for us to accomplish this. Star 90.6, us 90.3 What kind of bullshit is that. Star beat Madison and Spirit the other day. Anything can happen on Friday (Semi-finals) Maylee called me an asshole during lunch because I was acting normal and we know how dangerous that can be (I totally remember this, guard went to lunch after the horns and we were sitting there eating and she TOLD Jerry to go get her lunch!!! The dude was walking around on crutches!!! I told her she needed to get her own lunch. Ha!) Kenny has blown me away with the consistency he has had writing in his journal. Bluecoats peaked in the upper 88’s; their score hasn’t gone up in over a week.

August 11th Tuesday Janesville, WI
We’re here; that’s pretty obvious. F is the word and there is a giant one in the middle of the gym 😀 Ellis wants to put his sleeping bag on it, but we always have to keep the middle of the gym open. I need to kick out everyday better and better performance energy, otherwise what good am I? 5 years experience is on the line. Staff has asked me to come back and tech next year, I dunno. My body and mind are pretty beat up with this drum corps experience. I need to concentrate on my college education after this. I sat with Debbie last night; she was a mess (emotional). I hope the talk made her feel better. At least she was finally able to get some sleep.

Rehearsal was very intense, great focus. A hornet kept stinging me while I was at attention. I lost track how many times. When I was finally able to move it looked like half a gumball was under my skin 😀 There is not much to say anymore about anything. Kenny got the mail drop of the year! Word is at DCI headquarters everyone is talking about who might win and the VK. Yeah baby! 😀

Thanks for the cookies Kenny. I have got to clean my horn out. Maylee told Jerry she hates me. And? 😀 I don’t understand why Jerry is concerned. I don’t want or need her friendship. What difference does it make if Maylee and I get along? A few nights ago Brentwood asked me if I was curious. We had a long talk and I gave it some thought. I just couldn’t see myself swing that way, but told him thanks anyway 😀

We got lots and lots and lots of stuff accomplished this afternoon and evening. SHHHHHH —————- be vewwie quiet———————–I’m hunting wabbits—————KILL THE RAABBIT!!!!!, KILL THE RABBIT!!!! (I have no idea what this is other then something that must have come up during one of the rehearsal blocks) Kenny and Malcolm are going to wash tomorrow. We were making some very, very pretty sounds tonight. Nancy offered to give me a massage 😀 Sweet!!!

August 12th Wednesday Janesville, WI
Kenny says I have been acting weird lately. And what? It’s not acting, it just is. I don’t see the schedule up yet, wtf.

Production runs until 3:30 then run throughs. We have to go do a parade. Actually, the whole top 12 from last year, wtf. Wow! 15 minutes until rehearsal and most of the corps is on the field! Sweet!!! 😀

August 13th Thursday Janesville, WI
Hung out last night with Ellis, Malclom, and Kenny. It rained and rained and rained and rained during rehearsal.

August 14th Friday Janesville, WI
Had our steaks last night (for breaking 90) Some old staff people called the school today and wanted to talk to me about tonight. Told me to carve my name in stone tonight. Done! Jerry is here hanging.

(Ended tying with Star for 7th place, Madison took 6th with a .4 higher score)

(Jerry’s input again)
Well its been a long time since I wrote to you. In the bus again. Well the fight I wrote about earlier is over. Yea!! I felt that I want to say now that you aged-out is that I will miss you a lot!! Words used to describe missing someone are not easy to come by. I love you as a dear friend and I hope we will be able to stay together for quite some time. You’re a trippy dude. Believe it or not you’ve taught me quite a bit about much in life and I thank you for it. Wow what a bunch of MUSH! People are very weird. Many say that 99% of the population in the world don’t ever get to experience performing. But in this bus it happens A LOT. Especially with all of these high schoolers, trying to show off their “maturness.” Maylee and I are doing well. Sometimes I am a dick because I want my space and I am very blunt about it. I just want to be alone sometimes but I do still love her and want to be with her. Mush, mush, mush.

I was thinking, do people like people because of a mood they are in or because of a deep down feeling? Wow, I want to look at stars and just be with me. People keep bumping into me and it is pissing me off!!! Assholes in the aisle going back and forth Tomorrow is home!!!, and then real life! I am excited about getting back on with college, but I need to recover all these burned out emotions, but that is just like life anyways, huh. We are singing Schoolhouse Rock Songs (youtube it!) Well, I am running low on brain stuff. See Ya! LOVE JERRY

(Debbie’s input, highly edited, she wrote 4 pages)
I hope you are around next year to check things out and just say HI! You have to be there when we beat Blue Devils next year, that’s my optimistic approach again. I hope you are there to celebrate with us because outstanding members like you who have put so much into VK is what has helped us to become a strong corps! I hope life is good to you and that you are successful in whatever you do. Always remember, never forget, DEBBIE aka CCC chocolate chip cookie AND MAMA——THAT IS RIGHT!!!

(Malcolm’s input)
Why dafuq did I do this? I’m sitting on a hot ASS bus with a bunch of people who are acting STUPID!!!! OH WELL. What a great year it has been starting off in November with shit and molding it into a 7th place drum corps YEAH!!! We’ve known each other for three years now and we’ve both seen a lot of shit. This year I hope I haven’t been too much of a dick, well at least you didn’t throw away my toothpaste this year. I think VK really made a statement this year by beating a lot of good drum corps, 3pts on Spirit! If I live to the end of this trip I will be around next year to make another statement. FTW!!! LET’S WIN!!!! Its too bad you and Kenny won’t be around next year but I am glad you went out with us having a great year this season. I miss Kenny already. I hope now you get a real life and leave this drum corps shit alone (hahaha!) But knowing you you’ll be teaching. DON’T DO IT! I’ve really enjoyed knowing you for the past three years and I will see you around. MALCOLM VK ’87 p.s. WHITE PEOPLE!! (Malcolm is black)

(Thank you readers, this season is now over. Another previous journal will be posted sometime next week) 😀

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