Rehearsal #2 The Plan

Well I am going to cheat again today and knock out two birds with one stone 😀 I need to lesson plan for Sunday so here it goes:

Rehearsal #2 2/24/13 @ Marina HS (no guard until April)
9:00 sign in
9:30 visual (brass and battery w/ vis. staff, pit w/ pit staff)
12:00 lunch (full staff meeting)
1:00 sectionals (brass, battery, pit, all w/ respective staff)
3:30 load
4:00 wrap up
4:30 leave

(Have them stand with equipment at attention at the carry and then with equipment up. Evaluate, make appropriate comments) (Stand on right leg, stand on left leg) (make comments) (have them put equipment down and circle up)

First thing I want to talk about is the fact that I gave them A LOT of information last time we met. I need to address those that missed that it is their responsibility to not only actively seek and find what information they missed, but to also make it appear that they did not miss at all. EX.: a girl missed the first weekend we started learning drill last year because she was out of state. She contacted me. She picked a park, I painted her a field. Next rehearsal she was already all caught up. Yes life happens, but my expectation is that this ensemble will EXCEED all levels of achievement this organization has experienced in the past. In order for that to happen, attendance must be exceptional, and when it is not, your performance should not show that you “missed” getting information.

Speaking of getting information, if you have not noticed I am here the whole rehearsal. There is a reason for that. I am into this gig. I want to see you and how well you perform in your blocks. I notice a big difference. Battery, this will probably without question be the best line to execute the music niko writes for you guys. I am really looking forward to that first music ensemble with the horns. Battery I also noticed your focus seems to be consistently higher in your battery sectionals than in the visual block. I know the reasons for that, I hope you notice the difference too. I hope you do not think that because you are doing a different activity with a different instructor that your mental focus should be any different.

Hornline. (I don’t think I need this cue but I need a face of disappointment) I do not want to insult anyones’ intelligence. Information regarding how the mark time in the horn arc is to be executed has been given. Section leaders find some time some place some where to clean that up. The fact that I am addressing this issue is more than annoying to me.

Everyone, the bottom of the top chunk of info I gave you last time was this YOU ARE LOOKING TO PRESENT EXCELLENCE. In no way shape or form was that statement made conditional. It said nothing about only in uniform, with people watching, on the field. EXCELLENCE IS NOT CONDITIONAL. That means every time, everywhere, everything. PERIOD

Here’s another thing horline. The horn ripple. Here is something I want you consider. Who ever starts it off, give four duts, then everyone bring their horns up every ½ count. That should bring a smoothness to it. Also I would like to see a uniform way you hold your horns and stand when not playing. Right now there is too much hanging out look going on. I have more, but I will stop for now.

I like that fact that when I walk around your sectionals there are two words I know you are hearing consistently. PERFORM and EXCELLENCE
That is the bar. That is the standard. When you as an individual fall short, we fall short as an ensemble.

So much more to say but we need to start moving. Last thing: To perform and to give a performance is not a fundamental concept based on conditions. You have to find some space in you mind that when you are doing something THOUSANDS of people are watching you and you want to give them a show, even is only 1 or 1000 counts. Yes that is something that may be difficult for some of you but here is another thought. If your first performance is the first music ensemble of the opener, or the first time we learn a chunk of drill and play through it with music, or GOD FORBID the first show, we are dead, dig a hole, jump in, throw dirt on top of you, we are dead.

Reality check. Please dismiss the “we don’t have time” comments you will be getting for certain staff. YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME!!! I did the math. (reference chart with all the figures) YOU HAVE APPROXIMATELY 72 HOURS TO MAX YOUR GIG before our first camp where we will be learning drill.

( walk them through the grid and the exercise gaks)
Between the first set of gaks and second set is approximately 10 steps
Between the second set and the third is approximately 14 steps
Between the third set and the fourth set is approximately 16 steps
Between the fourth set and the fifth set is approximately 8 steps
Between the fifth set and the final set is approximately 16 steps

First go round move 16 counts between each set, pause 4 counts, check and adjust yourself, step off next 16 and continue

Leaving every 20 counts, first one after 8

Hopefully they will get good enough that we can move onto 16 counts only, no pauses and then also pick up the tempo, but add the pauses back, then hopefully take them out again 😀

Soul train lines
8 and 8’s forward/backward slow/quick
8 and 16, 8 and 8 forward/backward slow/quick
Forward 8 to 16, back 8 and 8, forward 8 and 8, back 8 and 16 slow only

Cut for lunch

(this is probably too much for 2 hours, but I always over prepare) 😀

Thank you readers! 😀

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