Pushing your Physical and Mental Limits

I am asking a bunch of young humans to push themselves physically and mentally and I would be remiss if I didn’t provide myself as a better role model in that regard. In addition to the 2 or 3 times a week I shot hoops with a few teenagers or college kids at a local park, or the school across the street, I decided I needed to go back to hiking the local billy goat trails that are close to my house. I don’t play crazy five on five basketball. It is usually 1 on 1 half court, sometimes 2 on 2, rarely 3 on 3, and always half court 😀 They usually take it easy on this guy, but last weekend I was playing with a pretty good kid, 13 or 14, a freshman. He was talking a lot of trash and somehow or other my mind decided my body was back in college and I started throwing myself all over the court, diving for loose balls and crashing the boards for rebounds. Long story short, I rolled my ankle.
Stupid! 😀
Monday at work it is bothering me. Depending on what I was exactly doing it would go from discomfort to sharp pain. I work mostly outside going from one place to another with my students, and usually stay on my feet once we get where ever because I have to walk around and supervise. Yeah, yeah, boo hoo 😀
I get home and say to myself, screw it, deal with it. I change and hit the trail. I thank God that the city founders were determined not to develop these foothills, they are so beautiful. I read somewhere there are 12 to 15 miles of trails on these foothills, depending. Some of the trails are a challenge and are not easily recognized. There is a stretch on the trail I have been hiking this week that falls in that category. There is a fork at one point right before you reach the peak. On one side it a wide, 3 person wide at least trail that will take you to the top, with a view of Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Claremont. On the other it takes you to the other side of the peak and you get a good view of Diamond Bar, Covina, Azusa, East San Gabriel Valley in general. It “ends” with a bunch of trees, shrubs, and cacti. If you push through the trees and shrubs and are careful around the cati, you’ll see a bit of trail under a canopy of trees. Carefully working through that you’ll find a cactus patch. Maneuvering carefully through that it is a clear trail to the peak!
Depending on my foot position going up or down the trail and how much pressure I needed to get to the next step, my ankle would feel discomfort or on occasion sharp pain. DEAL WITH IT ANKLE! 😀
Couldn’t hike Tuesday. I blame the rain. Wednesday work kept me at work until past sundown. Thursday and Friday were great hikes! I set a goal yesterday to hike twice today 😀
I was out the door by 5:30AM and needed a flashlight to start. By the time I was half way up it was twilight. When I reached the peak the sun had still not cracked the horizon. I sat and waited 😀 About 5 minutes later the Sun broke through the horizon. You don’t realize how fast the sun actually moves across the sky because usually you don’t have much reference to other objects. In less than 5 minutes the sun was fully above the horizon 😀 Awesome way to start the day!
The view from this particular peak is spectacular. You can see all the way to Mt Baldy (San Bernadino Mts.), Ontario (West I.E.), Anaheim Hills, Puente Hills, downtown L.A., the San Gabriel Mts. Range, Pasadena and all the cities between there and Glendora 😀

After the morning hike, I still felt like I was ready to throw a third hike in there. But reality and paperwork that needed to get done before work on Monday called. I will be busy, as many of you know, all day tomorrow 😀 As soon as I am done here I will hit that bad boy again and reach my goal of 15 miles this week. The goal for next week is now 18 miles. ALWAYS BE BETTER! I think I told them last year I did 50 miles in a two week period. I remember knocking out 12 or 15 miles in one day during that stretch 😀
Don’t want to burn anymore of the day! Thank you readers 😀

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