Being Flexible and getting Stuff Done!

Well my 3 mile hikey time was 1:12 compared to last one on Saturday of 1:05 😦 I am thinking maybe because my second one on Saturday I was already loose and warmed up. Meh

Yesterday I thought went very well. Got there early, threw down the field and grid and dots for one of the exercises I had planned. The main show designer had called me a couple of times earlier in the week and every time I had a chance to return his call a female friend would call first and well, priorities 😀 It is that time of the year again and I need to make sure I return calls from my people.

Apparently show guy wanted to talk about how he wanted the visual block structured. Although I had something planned out, I am flexible 😀 The drum guy held the battery back to properly adjust harnesses. When the horns got to the field, one of the student leaders forgot I had them set on the grid so they would look more uniform and structured, so I reminded him, and he moved them onto the grid. Battery made it out a few minutes later and I asked the drum guy for a few more minutes as I was throwing down yard lines so he could take the battery after the warm up stretch and do vizh with them.

When warm ups were done I gathered them briefly, told them the game plan and sent the battery away. I had a brief chat with the horns about why we were changing things up and turned the stage over to the show guy. We split the horn into high and low brass; he took the high, I took the low.

We each broke stuff down to the smallest of details. I also went over some of the information I had planned on covering with the entire group. The horn guy took the two most veteran student leaders and had them work with their respective sections. Show guy came over to my group and had some input he wanted to share with them about things for them to work on and/or think about. Pretty much verbatim what I had already told them 😀 I sarcastically said, I wish I had said those things. I have to remind myself that sarcasm is not an effective instructional strategy.

We got a lot done working this way. Gave the kids a short break them he took over the few minutes left in the morning block and worked a few exercises with all the horns. He then gathered them up for a brief chat, told them they did great this morning and turned them over to me. I do not like to contradict other instructors. I DO NOT like to contradict other instructors. I told the kids that I noted their effort and energy as satisfactory, not superior, I expect more. I expect them to be stronger and have more stamina and that they are not yet at a level in those regards that they need to be for the ensemble to have the achievement level I expect them to have and that they need to go home, work on those areas, and come back measurably better.

Lunch time we had a staff meeting. Apparently we are going to be taking these kids out of state for the first time in several years. They will have 3 Southern California shows, get on the road to Boise, ID. Do a show there, get on the road to Ogden, UT. Do a show there, get on the road to NV. Do an exhibition in the Reno area, get on the road to NorCal. Do two shows there and then head home. The following weekend they will have to more shows then end the season with a performance at California Adventure. It will be an 8 day tour in between SoCal shows, with the 4th of July in the middle of the tour.

Damn, I just realized that means no Huntington Beach 4th of July parade. That is always a highlight of the season for me because nobody entertains a crowd at a parade like these kids 😀 Non-traditional at least wacky at best and a whole lot of everything else you can fit in between those two ideas 😀

The afternoon block was awesome. Each section learned the first 27 bars of the opener. When they put it together in the end it was very exciting.

They got a talk about fundraising and upcoming fees being due. I emphasized to them that the sooner they met their financial obligations the sooner we can planned the tour for them, and the CHEAPER it will be. I hope they do their best to be responsible as soon as possible. It is only for their benefit

I was just thinking earlier today that they didn’t look as tired as they usually look at the end of the day. My first thought was maybe they are a little stronger, but then I realized it was more a case of me not having them to myself and running them, literally, up and down the field as is my usual method. The more they move, the better they will be in the end. Standing around, talking about details, doing 1 count, 2 count, 4 count exercises have their value, but nothing replaces conditioning 😀

Thank you readers. See tomorrow 😀

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