Impulse Tour 2003 Part 4

August 7th Bartow, Fl Thursday
Semifinals. What a disappointment. Rain, rain, rain. We waited a long time too. Too long. Talked to Ski about it later at Cici’s (?, restaurant?) We hung out in the locker room during the delay. That field was SOAKED! We mKcould have gone up 2, 3, maybe 4 slots. W/E Saw Jacey and Kathy tonight 😀 Cross captioning on this staff is an issue but not the worst issue. Too much management on the instructional staff. Techs suck too (not me :D) Mike Nash went home a couple of days ago and that hurt too. He’s good at taking care of details. Stacey lost Mike B’s backpack. That’s funny. Not haha funny but just funny 😀 Chad has already gone home too. People got stuff to do. Dennis/Charlie drama. SMH, that guy, Dennis. So after 2 and a half hours the show was cancelled. Hungry kids taken to pizza place (ahhhh, Cici’s) Those kids stuffed themselves :D. Vianca danced on a table for a hat. 1st Sgt. Lee has been hooking it up with the ice since we’ve been staying at the armory. Prom and Talent night proceeded without hesitation. The schedule is going to really suck these next few days. Max it out! 😀 Whoooosh!!!!

August 8th Bartow, FL Friday
Best friends are the best. Hi best friend. What’s wrong best friend 😀 (?) Prom/Talent show went smoothly. Showers, showers, showers. Whose got the showers. Wth. The girls always go first (only one set of showers at the armory) How much longer do they have the showers? Look at the schedule! Girls hyping the Hooters t-shirts, w/e. I need to start organizing my stuff for the ride home. If we don’t move up, it’s okay, we made finals. That is an accomplishment, first time for this corps 😀 Damn there are a lot of good Div. II corps. Amed thinks the competition at the Div II level is the toughest. Agreed! 😀 Turn signals always,help. Peter is on the top of the list of people to forget (?) It is what it is. I thought Chalie was going to cut some kids when he pulled out his knife and started grabbing wrists. He was just cutting off wristband excess 😀 Crazy! Conscious memory or unconscious memory. Interesting concepts. Not sure how much of Div I semi’s I am going to watch. I really don’t care about Div I. It is all about Impulse! Donkey punches?! Chili dogs, Dirty Sanchez?! Serious ghetto around the Citrus Bowl. Saw some ghetto dude walking around with an albino python. Not much interesting going on show wise. Cadets, meh. Magic of Orlando, good visual, lots of chords, no dropped equipment, clean sticks, but not much show or performance. I know I am biased, but so what! 😀

Okay, starting to enjoy the show. Crossmen rocked. Carolina did a very controlled show. Making schedule for tomorrow, the girls are showering at 4AM 😀 Someone (?) gave me a pass to sit in the box, Charlie is up here too.

Left show for food. At Denny’s where there is NO FISH IN FLORIDA. Cannot believe they ran out! They have a Gulf and an Ocean! Wth! Just getting it done at this point. I am actually getting kind of cold in here. Geez, Vianca dancing for hats again. That girl.

August 9th Orlando, FL Saturday
One more time! We are ready, we just need to find a groove and lay it down on the field!

Well, 10th place. They made finals! 😀 So yeah, like I standing in the parking lot, pouring rain, doing the age-out circle. My shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, chonies, everything soaked. Wow, only in drum corps. Now we are eating hot dogs in the rain wearing trash bags, I can feel my toes wrinkling 😀 Is this the good life? We are going back to the Citrus Bowl. YAY! Liquid Sunshine 😀 I love Florida (not) I am having such a hard time staying awake. I went to bed at 2:30AM this morning and got up at 3:30AM to make sure the showers were good to go. Getting cross eyed.

August 10th Road Sunday
Given enough time, everyone dies. Put a gun to someone’s head and anything is possible. We just finished watching Fight Club. I want to see it again. I saw someone I marched with on staff with another corps (Paul Macaro) If you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. Liquid Sunshine! Raining buckets. It has rained off and on since we left Bartow. We will hit the Alabama state line around 8PM. We left at 10AM. Mississippi state line just after 10PM. Stopped to eat at Wendy’s. Traffic in Mississippi, w/e. Weather slowed our travel in FL and AL!!! Oh well. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. When you dig up the past all you get is dirty! I told some of the techs about what I thought about the job they did this tour. W/E I probably won’t be back (haha) Louisiana state line 11PM. Movies so far; fight club, not another teen movie, face-off, basketball, minority report, orange county, big cities. Big cities; gainsville, tallahasse, Pensacola, mobile, Biloxi, new Orleans, baton rouge. Highway 10 in Louisiana SUCKS!!! Tony and Sam both apologized for yelling at me last night 😀 its cool. I just wish I could have done better. TX state line between 3AM/4AM.

(the drivers had been fudging their books because of our schedules and DOT rules. Everyone needed to be back at the buses and rolling at 10PM because as it was, it was going to take us 4 days to get back to California. Tony, tenor tech, was late and wanted me to hold the buses. I tried. Sam, bus driver went off on me, I tried to squeeze a few more minutes out of the situation, no go. Told Tony. He goes off. I could see the Impulse flag on the semi and knew from where he was he could see it too. I told him to head to the semi. I called Larry, truck driver, told him to wait for Tony. Figuring it out, making it happen 😀

There are 4 more pages and 3 more days on the road. I will finish this tour tomorrow 😀

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