Impulse Tour 2003 Part 5

August 11th Beaumont, TX Monday
Its raining. MUUAAAHHHH!!!!! My evil plan is working (?) Charlie is already planning the first staff meeting for the fall, he wants to set the tone and tempo for the 2004 season at the first meeting. He asked me about the Norma/Bhakti drama.

Movies: swordfish, menace to society, sleepy hollow, hocus pocus, dead presidents
Big Cities: Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Las Cruzes
50 THOUSAND WATTS OF FUNKY!!!! (?) So, is it going to rain all the way to L.A.? Charlie is asking me about rookie of the year; hmmmm. Dan says Irene. I think not. Raining harder. DANG, its pouring buckets! I think Monica should be rookie of the year (that tiny Contra chick, remember her?!) Shane and Bunny, hehehe 😀 Strange but nice people who maintain highway restrooms. Cat is having delusions of grandeur, says she going to march center snare at Vanguard (and damn she did!)

Calm down people, the penguins won’t buy ice from the Eskimos anymore (?) 😀 Thanks be to God. Good eating in Kerryville (TX) Got us some DQ 😀 I maxed out a snickers blizzard.

August 12th Las Cruzes, NM Tuesday
Last minute drama. Life in the drum corps lane. No more movies?! OMG. Now we are watching drum corps. Eh, I used to watch drum corps when I would come home from tour. I probably would now, if I were a member. Blue Knights 2002, no bueno

How awesome! Vianca bought me a Gatorade and a snickers! 😀 Karla tried to take some credit but I know it was all Vianca 😀 Ken (visual caption head for the 2004 seaso) called me. I talked to Dan at length this morning. I am going to send Ron and Dave (Upper Management) a couple of long emails when I get home. I want to give this corps a chance but I am undecided at this point. Changes need to be made. I have heard different things from different people; that is not encouraging. Ken called me again. Dude, if I wanted to talk to you again, I would have called you. It is interesting that some people are interested in my opinions.

Raining. Again. Getting sleepy. Drum corps videos aren’t helping. My dad used to pick me up when I would come home from tour. Talked with Karla (guard member) about a bunch of stuff, actually she did most of the talking. Drum corps videos almost over. THANK YOU JESUS! Sweet, someone got a hold of Mr. Deeds. I don’t think people really understand me when I say I don’t do drum corps. Don’t put another dime in the jukebox, I don’t wanna hear that song no more. Blade (movie I do not remember) 20 minutes of freedom (another movie?) As of now, were are supposed to pull into Cerritos at 2:15AM. I think we need more movies 😀 Max it out!

August 12th Between Tucson and Phoenix, AZ Wednesday
There is some sick, as in vomit sick, stuff in Blade. Why they gotta bring his momma all up in this? Sun is setting. How beautiful is that in the middle of the desert. Don’t be afraid to take off the gloves

Good looking out Karla. Hooked us up with harry potter, training day, and clueless. Gave her some movies too. Thank you Karla 😀

One of my favorites memories about my dad was eating at Burger King. He used to call them Who-pers. I always thought that was funny. Every time I eat a Who-per it makes me happy because it reminds me of those times with my dad 😥

Okay kids settle down and watch the damn movies.

Thanks to micro bladders of Eliz, Karim, and Mike we all get to pee! OH YEAH! CLAP CLAP CLAP

Near the Cali border
Sometimes being blind ain’t so bad. Smetimes you got to fuck shit up, and sometimes you just got to walk away (?) I ain’t got no niggas and I ain’t no one’s nigga (I am guessing movie quotes) I also didn’t get a Who-per 😀 hehehe This tour shortened some of the walls I have built around myself but it also added to some old walls 😀 I am not going to the banquet. My concern is only related to a given situation. Right now, go home, get off the bus, and be impartial. No one needs to explain anything to me and I don’t need to explain anything to anyone. It is what it is 😀 Anyone can be cool. Just don’t blink when everyone is freaking out. Nothing is personal, its all just about getting stuff done. Clueless!!!. Story of my life! Hehehe

I don’t think I am going to miss anyone

(Wow! Four straight days on a bus(es) with the same people, in bad weather affects the brain. Tour, be careful what you ask for)

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