COLOR GUARD!!! The Remix :D

When the kid helping me with the “North 40” parking came back from his break I hung out a little longer then went and took mine. As I walked passed the side of the Event Center that the participants were entering I saw various band kids assisting others and some standing around waiting for something to do. I threw out a question to no one I in particular, where’s hospitality? One of the kids starting saying, do you know where…., then another kid jumped up and said, I’ll show you! (I have ALWAYS liked that kid)

He lead me too the hospitality area and the rumors were right. Color guard people don’t hit hospitality like Band and Drum line people do. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!! I zeroed in on the salad stuff right away and basically piled me a plate full of raw, fresh goodness 😀
Thanked the ladies on hand and when on my way.

I grabbed a piece of concrete and watched goings on around this event. The time for my people to perform was near so I finished and made my way to the performer entrance.

They were there, gathered, and their instructor was talking to them very calmly, trying to ease their tension. It was palpable. I was starting to feel anxious and I wasn’t even performing! Many of the band kids were also standing near by listening and waiting to see their peers perform. It seemed like everyone was anxious and excited 😀

The doors opened and the guard proceeded into the Center, we followed. I took a seat to the side in the front row near the performer entrance door. The crowd reaction seeing the home team was great! As a performer, an audience reaction like that has several effects, depending on the experience of the performer. Less experienced performers sometimes get MORE nervous, as in omg look at all those people! More experienced performers tend to relax a little, as in oh yeah I got this! 😀 Inspite of the range of experience on the floor, there seemed to be an evenness in performer readiness across the floor. They have been prepared well!! 😀

For a first show, they were amazing. They have a challenging, very entertaining show. All design elements are very well written to compliment each other. Although individuals suffered execution errors throughout the performance their intent was always clear. They know what they are supposed to do, they just have to rehearse certain parts over and over so it looks and feels more natural 😀

Went back out the “North 40” but at this point many of the earlier performers had already left. I thought that was a shame. Everyone should be able to watch the awards ceremony. Less than a third of the vehicles from the peak of parking were still present. Finally the bus that was “boxed in” momentarily in the morning started making it’s way out. As the driver eased out of the gate she stopped and summoned me over. I thought I was in for another scolding 😀 She wanted to know where to take her guard for some good eats. I told her to go straight down to Huntington and head West. If they did see something they liked there, it didn’t exist. I also told her thank you for the help this morning about keeping cars and buses separated when parking 😀

At some point during the event, the band director asked me if I would be available to help out with the drum line show they are hosting in two weeks. I told him I most certainly will, being a two day event, being that the guard and their people will be at a show somewhere else, he is going to need all the help he can get. That’s what I do 😀 Always making things a little better.

Since so few vehicles remained I was released from parking duty 😀 I went back to hospitality and this time the locusts had arrived 😀 At least I was able to notice that every table in the room for seating had fresh fruit and candy! Nice touch 😀 I was told of a volunteer room with meatballs and chili. This required further investigation 😀 I did leave, however, with a small supply of Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies (which should be illegal, btw)

Upon procuring a small plate of meatballs and a small bowl of chili, I grabbed a spot at the floor folding entrance where a kid was singly manning the post. I ate, he talked. When I finish I tossed my trash and told the kid to go get something to eat. It was at least 2 o’clock and he hadn’t eaten since ten. He was like, nah, its alright. I was like, dude, I got this. “Watch your step, you’ve got six minutes, pull the cart to the front of the building.” GO EAT! Then he’s like, okay 😀

So for the next hour and a half or so, every 15 minutes I said “Watch your step, you’ve got six minutes, pull the cart to the front of the building.” 😀 When the last guard entered to fold their floor, I went back to the volunteer room to get a water.

Coming back I could see the different groups guard leadership lined up. I entered the Center and looked for the instructors to see what the judges results were.


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