Impulse Tour 2004 Part 1

Wednesday July 27th Cerritos, CA
Lord have mercy! Great plans of Mice and Men. It is almost 3PM. The plan was to leave here at 1PM. The bus company is sending us 49 seaters instead of 55 seaters?! WHAT?! >:-O w/e The kids were told to be here at 11AM. I spaced bringing a sleeping bag (slept on the floor this 3 week tour, when I slept) 😀

I am sleepy, but I am sitting in the jump seat (the little, tiny seat in a tour bus’s stairwell) Not feeling any excitement, I actually would rather not have come on tour (#7 for me. Yipee! Not really) We are dumping Ike (percussion cap), Caleb (front ensemble writer/arranger), DeeDee (vizh tech), and maybe another staff person off in Barstow; Jeff is there with his RV. Kids figured out the bus seating, Had planned for 55’s, got 49’s; they made it work 😀

First movie:cool running, the Jamaican blodsled team! Meghan (gf?) called me yesterday, wanted to see me. Then Ike walks up with Angel game tickets to go with him and DeeDee 😀 Meghan…DeeDee…hmmmmm. BASEBALL!!!! 😀 hehehehe Junction 15, one mile. HOOOOOOONNKKK!!!! Bill (tour coordinator) put me in charge of making a list of official duties for everyone, making a list of names and stuff to do. I wonder when we are going to tell the kids about OKC housing (DCI screwed up all the host sites and housed us instead in motels) I wonder how much that is going to cost DCI. Charlie just called me; he is in Jersey with Shorty, hyping on Jersey Surf. Hey Charlie, nice, but really? It is all about Impulse to me 😀

The engine temp is running high. The buzzer has been going off for a couple of minutes now. We are at the wieigh station in Barstow with the Micky D’s; there’s a turnout that goes to Hesperia’s backdoor.

My ears popped. The peak of the mountain on the horizon seems to keep moving away from us. Victorville! Yeah! We had a camp here oh so many years ago! 😀 I wonder why the buses were so late today. I-15 is looking good! I wonder if we are hopping on trains later. Someone threw that idea out there, don’t know the final thought. I am still not excited about being on tour. Needles 128 miles away, On I-40 now. Dinner in Yucca will be around 7;30PM. The place we are headed towards in NM is just north of Gallup, called Ya-ta-hey. Sounds Native American 😀 Someone said there is an open dig on site of a burial ground and that the school is haunted. Cool. That’s how we roll 😀

Second movie: Pirates of the Caribbean. I have to remember to wake people up how might be sleeping when we make potty stops. Called Margaret (gf?) Jaime and Mehgan called (gfs?) It is RFH outside! Touch the windows, burn your fingers! I forgot what a good movie Pirates is, and damn funny too! I want to sleep, but I am into this movie. I caught a few winks getting into Barstow.

Essex, CA about 30 minutes from Needles, CA
Someone at the last stop said they were going to buy me some beef jerky. Seemed like it was going to happen. Gues that goes on the “shit that never happened” stack. Like some of my recent ideas. When will God decide my work here is done? It will be about 7:30PM when we get to Needles. Dinner at 8PM? Wonder if RV staff is eating with us, probably not. I have been snacking along the way and am not really hungry

Chappelle Show DVD. Sweet. Cat (center snare) needs to check her attitude, and that whiney voice has GOT TO GO! All she does is talk mess. She is just WEAK! 😀 No word from Dan (horn cap) or Terry (cook/mom) It is 8PM in Yucca and were are hanging, literally. Kids still watching Chappelle.

Chicken wraps! That worked for me. HAPPY TUMMY!!!! 😀 I am putting lights/DVDs out after Flagstaff. We should be getting to Yah-ta-hey around 2:30AM-3AM. Called Mehgan and Jaime. Jaime had a crappy day. I haven’t told either of them I am on the road.

Check that. I am on the side of the road.

Thursday July 28th Exit 239 AZ
Bus is out of fuel. Bus no go. Not acceptable. Miscalculation by the bus driver. Too bad, so sad. Someone is coming to help, allegedly. We missed the next fuel station by 13 miles. I can see the lights from it. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Alleged wait time is 1 hour. We have been here since around 1AM. Some are on the bus, some are off the bus. Some are wandering, and some are sleeping. Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book

Big Booty – Tour 04 Sha Boo Ya Roll Call What will these crazy kids think of next! (they improvised a couple of raps)

Called Jeff so he would know what was going on, why we no go. He said I should go off on the driver for not listening to me. I said I was cool (I was not cool, to this day Jeff teases me about this)

(As Jeff as my witness, at the last fuel stop only the trucks and other vehicles fueled, not the buses. I looked at my bus’s fuel gauge and suggested to the driver he should get some fuel. He said we were fine. We would make it to the next station. Yeah, first and last time that will EVER happen to me. What do I know, mmmm 100,000 miles of experience?! ppffttt!)

Tour, be careful what you ask for 😀

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