Impulse Tour 2004 Part 2

Thursday July 28th Exit 239 AZ
Bus is out of fuel. Bus no go. Not acceptable. Miscalculation by the bus driver. Too bad, so sad. Someone is coming to help, allegedly. We missed the next fuel station by 13 miles. I can see the lights from it. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Alleged wait time is 1 hour. We have been here since around 1AM. Some are on the bus, some are off the bus. Some are wandering, and some are sleeping. Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book

Big Booty – Tour 04 Sha Boo Ya Roll Call What will these crazy kids think of next! (they improvised a couple of raps)

Called Jeff so he would know what was going on, why we no go. He said I should go off on the driver for not listening to me. I said I was cool (I was not cool)

Still at Exit 239
Been here about 2 hours now. It’s all about the wait. So we were supposed to be on the road an hour ago. Apparently people with the capacity to help don’t like answering their phones in the middle of the night. They get paid the same whether they get here at 2AM or 3AM or 7AM. Sigh. I think last tour started with two or three breakdowns. Running out of fuel was just stupid. I hate the fact that he keeps apologizing, stfu, go to sleep. F’ing driver.

I want to sleep, but I have to keep an eye on the kids that are hyper and running around in the desert. Ha! Told you not to go too far. Yes, there ARE critters out there. Hahahahaha!

Now I can’t sleep. I am on wtf mode. ****! Wow first time I said that straight out and I wasn’t talking about the snareline! 😀

3:45AM help has arrived. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Better late than never. 4:15, first attempt (it takes 30 minutes to prime a large vehicles fuel lines when you run out of fuel) not successful. I think…nope not 2nd or 3rd try. 5th, 6th, 7th?!!!!!! That sounds good! 10-15 minutes we will be in Winslow, AZ

Thursday July 29th Yah-ta-hey, NM
Sum ma ma bish! What a night. Mark (guard co-cap) working on props. Terry is back from the store. Took a shower in a sink (no showers on site) I am packed and ready to hit the road again. Charging my phone in one of the classrooms.

For the record, we are 10 miles north of Gallup, and about 30 miles past the AZ border off of I-40. Breakfast: cantaloupe, bagels and stuff *don’t call that cream cheese, there was NOTHING creamy about it* grrrrrrrrrr. Have a feeling I will be grrrrrrrr a lot. Also had the requisite PB&;J w/breakfast. I saw my caption head this morning, that is all I have to say about that.

On the road to OKC 2:30PM
Watching Forrest Gump. We all have sandwiches packed to eat lunch on the road. Will have a dinner stop/sloppy Joes. The juice machine at the school we were at stopped taking dollar bills. Grrrrrrrr. I am feeling all wroted out. Thunderstorms killed sectionals this morning/afternoon. Battery went into the cafeteria, pit cleaned cymbals, horns cleaned horns, guard cleaned? 😀

NM highway marker 135 4:05
We are stopping at highway marker 199 for fuel. Yes, even my bus 😀 I am getting sleepy but I am on the phone with Charlie and we are scheduling out the final week of the tour. If all other plans fail, we have to make sure we nail that week. Starting to plan backwards from there. It would be great to have a laptop AND printer, or we can just copy stuff down from the DCI website, old school 😀

Supertroopers! Never seen it. I think I am going to try and get some sleep. Stopping for fuel at 6:45PM Stopping for food at 7:20.

I set the horns up in a basics block at this rest stop while we wait for food to get ready. The gnats at this rest stop are very small but capable of ripping flesh. 7:45 food ready. 25 minutes! That was fast! 😀
I do not care I am dripping bug spray, those gnats are VICIOUS!

I think the ride to OKC to KS is short, relatively speaking. I will check later. Matsu (my bus driver) says we should get to OKC between 3-3:30AM. Potty stop planned for rest stop out side Amarillo. Family Guy dvds, Full Metal Jacket. Sweet 😀

(Half the snareline found an s-load of narcotics in their motel room. They tried to tell me, but didn’t explain themselves clearly. DIdn’t see what was in their room until the next morning. That story deserves a blog post all by itself) 😀

Friday Leaving OKC July 30th 11:50PM
85.5 whatever, 3rd place. We should have been 2nd, wth. Slotted 6th overall as of now.

Saturday July 31st still on road
Did our potty stop. Kids were hyping. Feeling they can kick a few teeth in. I like the attitude! 😀

Saturday July 31st Garden City, KS
So Jen (dm girl) woke me up at 3AM, we got here at 5:20 AM. She wanted to talk. Grrrrrrrrr. I went down finally around 6:30-7AM. Jeff woke me up around 9:30-10AM. I am still feeling sleepy. It is just after 1PM, 1:10. I wonder what time ensemble is? I found the ice machine at this school :D. WHOOOAAAA. Almost fell asleep… better…get…going…really…falling…asleep… GAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! GO!!!!! Thom just pulled in. Thank you for grabbing my ass, ummm, figuratively 😀

After show
Hmmm 87.6 Tied the corps highest score in history. I was talking with a local kid, Chrissy. Looked 12, says she’s 17. I asked her a bunch of questions that a kid going to high would know about if they actually went to one. Hmmm, maybe she has some genetic disorder. Answered the questions right, still looked 12. Whatever, she had some jokes 😀 Gave my some good info on local places for food, cooler fill ups! 😀

All the stuff Ken (caption head) worked on this afternoon, did not show up in the performance. Grrrrrrr. We would have been better off letting the music people have a music focus during today’s ensemble. Damn, we are in Denver next week. Listening with Caleb and Ike to percussion tapes. We need to push them harder next time we get these kids on the field!

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