Impulse Tour 2004 Part 3

Sunday August 1st Garden City, KS 1:15AM
I just noticed I didn’t write anything about the Days Inn on Prospect and the Park we rehearsed at on 29th street in OKC. I roomed with Mark and Mario (color guard co-caption) I was going to stay with Ken (visual caption head), but he probably changed that and stayed with Bill (tour coordinator) because Ken didn’t want to hear my nonsense about the vish cap is NOT happening. Mark and Mario and Me talked until about 6:30AM.

After making sure all the kids were settled I got to the room around 4:30AM Mark and Mario talked a lot about their guard kids: Cheryl, Chelsea, Amber, Darlene, Bianca. Mario also talked about his GF Kelly. Then they decided I needed a show (Mark/gay, Mario/Bi) Please. Not even if farm animals were involved would you have gotten a reaction from me. Aquatic mammals MIGHT have been interesting.

I bought staff juices and other soft beverages from a store next to the school. There was a pee-wee football thing going on at a nearby field and a little kid saw me pulling a pile of drinks and asked me for one! 😀 I gave him a juice

Mark asked me to go with him to wash the guard uniforms. Breakfast burritos. Lots of kids eating cup o noodles instead (?) I had a PB and J myself 😀 I got Dan some Bayer at the store this morning, but I can’t seem to find him and I gotta go. I’ll give it to Terry. I haven’t seen Ken or DeeDee. Put the word out that I am with Mark.

The OKC show was in an old 45 degree, concrete stadium. WAY too many individual errors. The show was on artificial turf. First show on turf and it looked like it freaked some of them out it seemed from their inability to handle the performance platform (field) Turf was a little sticky because of the heat and humidity.

My body is telling me I am not getting enough sleep. Hmmmmm. Get more sleep, or make sure stuff gets done. Hmmmmmmm. Waiting for Mark and who ever our ride is going to be. I slept in a lounge by myself last night. Mmmmmmmm. Cable TV, refrigerator, chilled my drinks. Nice! 😀

We are staying here one more night.

Just got back from washing the guard uniforms with Mark and Krissy. Krissy is one of the hosts in Garden City for us. I think she is a band alumni or something. Cute girl :)She seemed really jazzed about the whole experience, being with people from California. Apparently not a lot goes on in Garden City, KS 😀 Mark was really blowing her mind with the alternative lifestyle perspective. Krissy did not have personal experience with the gay before and had tons of questions for Mark. While the clothes washed/dried the three of us ate at the Applebee’s across from the Wal-Mart. We got stuff done sooner than planned and did a little thrift store shopping! 😀 and hit Wal-Mart and Target! 😀

I have time to take a nap! WooooooHooooooooo 😀

Gah! That was nice but better head to the field; I was almost comfortable on that slab of concrete 😀

Dinner was late. Wind kept blowing the pilot light out on the grill. We have a $23,000 food trailer and we cook outside on a propane grill. Grrrrrrrr. Impulse. Visual block was too focused on the horns and not enough on the battery and guard. Caleb thinks he needs more mentions in my journal. You got it babe!

Battery looks a little beat up. Good. I am expecting ensemble to run well tonight.

Forgot to mention my conversation with Jennifer heading into OKC. Interesting stuff. She did most of the talking. Her self reflective observations were very candid. I told her she could definitely kill someone and get away with it. She didn’t freak out or anything. She just stared at me for a minute or so and asked how. I told that is EXACTLY what I was talking about. T8, Courtney came by towards the end of our conversation. We have some strange kids in this corps. Matches the staff 😀

Well I am still here; the Lord still requires my services here. One of the reasons I have more time this tour to write than last tour is it is not the Ike, Charlie, Dan, Ray show. We have an actual staff, not always well coordinated, but people are at least trying. Ok so Caleb wants journal time. How messed up is it that he gets all the best kids from his different schools into the front ensemble, on a national stage, and only one of them signs up for I and E’s?! Doing I & E’s helps “sell” the corps; gives the organization more exposure, sigh. Oh well.

I bought DD a water jug. I haven’t talked with her much, almost not at all. No particular reason. She is an RV person and I am a bus person. I hardly talk to Ken and he is my caption head. When we do talk it is usually me telling him what he needs to handle 😀 Love you Ken, but as a caption head…who was there hour after hour, day after day, teaching new drill, rewriting drill, reinforcing technique?! THIS GUY!!!

Let me see; talk more nonsense or get some sleep. Hmmmm. I asked Mark if he leaves Impulse and hooks up with another corps to let me know if that corps needs a good vizh tech. I only said that because Ken was right there. He ignored the comment, as he does so many of my comments.

Spent almost $100 on bottled water yesterday. But honestly, I really don’t care if the kids get water or not. I do it because I feel like doing it. Ok I am lying. Sometimes God leads me, sometimes God guides me. Sometimes God prods and pushes me into making certain things happen. But mostly God has his boot so far up my ass, I can drink the water from his knee. Its like what you told Ken earlier Ike, what is important is how we act when there is no one watching.

page 12 of 20!!! 😀

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4 Responses to Impulse Tour 2004 Part 3

  1. RonZ says:

    ” Ike, what is important is how we act when there is no one watching.” HAH!

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